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 Querido Olivier, 

 Gracias por su correo electrónico y su explicación sobre la Comunidad de la Cruz 
 Grupo de Trabajo sobre Gobernanza de Internet y el documento elaborado para 
 En relación con el sombrero que usted necesita para llevar a la reunión, en mi opinión 
 debe llevar el sombrero presidente del ALAC. 
 El CCWG el IG no tiene Carta embargo y como se explica en el documento no tiene 
 recibido aportes de la comunidad todavía. 
 Voy a mirar con interés la reunión con usted y con los colegas de LACRALO que asisten 
 Reunión de Sao Paulo. 

 Que tengas buen viaje. 

 Saludos cordiales, 

 04/20/2014 12:44 GMT-03: 00 Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl en gih.com> : 

> Dear José,
> thank you for your kind email.
> As you correctly say, the Cross Community Working Group on Internet
> Governance has submitted a document to NetMundial. During the public
> session of the Working Group with the community, the audience suggested
> that we send the document out for a public comment. This was agreed by
> the group. The only problem is that a formal public comment period is
> minimum 21 days initial comment period and 21 days reply comment period
> = 42 days.... and Netmundial was less than 30 days away!!! The working
> group was not allowed to make the comment period shorter.
> Some members of the working group reminded us that NetMundial is not the
> start and the end of the discussion. There will be other meetings on
> Internet Governance after NetMundial, so it was decided by the working
> group members that it should launch an ICANN-wide formal public comment
> and that working group members could use the input received to expand on
> any points during NetMundial and could also use the information after
> NetMundial for future meetings.
> That said, it also looks like many cross community working group members
> are going to NetMundial to defend their own point of view, as a member
> of their community or sometimes as a member of their company or
> organisation, independently from the working group.
> I will be going to São Paulo and frankly, I do not know what hat I need
> to wear. Do I need to wear the hat of the coordinator of the cross
> community working group? Do I need to wear the ALAC Chair hat?
> There will also be many members of At-Large at NetMundial and
> specifically several members from LACRALO. I will look forward to
> meeting with them and to coordinate the points that we want to defend
> together. Our community have local ALSes and several members who are
> very experienced in Internet Governance - I hope we can make use of them.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
> On 19/04/2014 15:41, josefranciscoarce en gmail.com wrote:
> > 2)
> >  Likewise this period pblicos comments in the document
> >  group &quot;ICANN
> >  Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance's Submission to
> >  NETMundial &quot;which expires on April 29,
> >  I consider some logical since Netmundial serel 23 and April 24. Not
> >  understand the true scope of the group as they must have a job
> >  Preview Netmundial ready before and no later.
> >  Hopefully one of its members will not store in the list (Olivier, Leon
> Felipe)
> >  Here the other Member
> >
> https://community.icann.org/display/CPMMB/ICANN+Community+Preparation+for+the+Multistakeholder+Meeting+in+Brazil+Home
> >
> >
> >  Comment Period:
> >
> http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment/ccwg-ig-netmundial-08apr14-en.htm
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