[lac-discuss-es] Project CROPP

Alberto Soto asoto en ibero-americano.org
Sab Abr 5 12:01:29 UTC 2014

Dear Dev, 

Yesterday, I quickly gave my consent to the amendments made into the project
in order to comply with the deadline.

However, after carefully studying the changes that were made to the project
I have the impression that the project would not be appropriate to fulfill
the purpose of the trip regarding Haiti. For the above , I propose a
modification which involves no change in costs, but it helps to pursue the
goal sought .

Indeed , I propose that Philippe Boland flies from Colombia (the country
where he lives ) to Haiti because Philippe is a French native speaker which
would facilitate the exposure of the topics. In turn, Javier Pallero would
travel from Argentina to Dominican Republic. These are roundtrip flights and
there will not be travel between Port au Prince and Santo Domingo . 

If it is impracticable to change itineraries , I ask you to replace Jose
Arce by Philippe Boland on the trip. 

In short , we are reducing costs and increasing the level of understanding
the presentations.

I hope you can consider this request.


Best regards


Alberto Soto

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