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 se del como dados popularmente en Mxico, "o Todos coludos o rabones de Todos". Con qureglas o criteria, Si No Hay reglas Escritas, Piensas Que se conduzcan las campaas HACIA LACRALOb de los competitors de ALAC Por El Asiento 15 del Consejo? ESTAS reglas tendran Que Ser equitativas, Transparentes, y concretas en Cuanto al Resultado ya Que los Miembros de LACRALO no somos votantes Directos en ESA eleccin. 

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 Querido Alan, todo 

 Gracias por tu email clase, y para hacernos saber sus antecedentes generales. Yo 
 pedirá la región si tienen preguntas o prefieren una llamada personal con 
 usted tenga contac directa, después de revisar todos los perfiles candidances. 

 Saludos cordiales 

 LACRALO Presidente 

 11/03/2014 01:59 GMT-03: 00 Alan Greenberg <greenberg.alan en gmail.com> : 

> Dear colleagues,
> I  apologize for not being able to write in both Spanish and English.
> The At-Large Board member cannot "represent" the ALAC or At-Large. Once
> appointed, the director is there purely on his/her own. However, we were
> given a seat on the Board to allow the issues relevant to users to be
> factored into the debates. To do that, a person must be selected who can
> best represent those interests.
> My ICANN history
> - 8 years as a volunteer to At-Large, 6 on the ALAC, 8 years as  ALAC
> Liaison to the GNSO. I have also held several leadership roles on the ALAC.
> - I have worked very hard to make At-Large respected within ICANN.
> - I have been the principal author of many of the statements issues by the
> ALAC over the last 8 years demonstrating my understanding of the issues
> important to At-Large.
> - Although I obviously do not agree with some ICANN participants, I have
> developed good working relationships with people in many diverse areas of
> Professional background:
> - Over 30 years as a software developer and senior manager at McGill
> University.
> - I was part of the small group that brought the Internet to Canada.
> - I have volunteered in a number of professional organizations prior to
> ICANN, including being a Board member for the Internet Society.
> - I spent 6 years as a volunteer to the Internet Society working with and
> then running their Network Training Courses for people from developing
> countries. We trained people from over 140 countries who were instrumental
> in bringing the Internet to their countries. Alumni include government
> ministers, ICANN Board members and ICANN employees. Most countries in
> Central America, South America and the Caribbean attended and courses in
> Spanish were also run in South America.
> - After my retirement from McGill, I spent several years consulting on the
> use of technology in developing economies (ICT4D), and worked in Africa,
> South Asia and Central America.
> Strengths related to the Board position:
> - I have a very strong understanding of ICANN and its various components,
> of At-Large, and of the needs of Internet users.
> - I have a proven ability to work with others, and to influence outcomes.
> I am generally viewed as a thoughtful and articulate person, and I am in a
> very strong position to enter the Board and immediately be effective. Three
> of my references for my Expression of Interest for this Board position were
> current or former ICANN Board members, and their endorsements speak well to
> my ability to quickly become an effective Board member.
> - My background with both the ISOC training workshops and my ICT4D
> consulting have made me acutely aware of the issues that are important in
> the developing world.
> - I am free of any relationship with those who stand to make money off of
> ICANN's decisions, and will not have any conflicts in carrying out my
> mandate.
> - My track record of dedication (in both time and effort) to ICANN and
> At-Large is well known, and I will put the same energy into presenting the
> needs of users on the Board.
> I do not believe that any other candidate can match all of my
> qualifications and I will not only be a good Board member, but an
> outstanding At-Large Board member.
> If I am selected, I can make a number of commitments:
> - I promise to stay in touch with the ALAC, At-Large and RALOs, through
> both face-to-face meetings and teleconferences. That is the only way to
> ensure that I am aware of issues important to At-Large.
> - You will regularly hear from me about Board activities and my
> participation, and raising issues that I believe that At-Large may want to
> focus on.
> - I will work to make sure that the bottom-up nature of ICANN is preserved
> in fact and not only in words. This is key to ICANN's ability to continue
> to exist and meet its obligations.
> - While on the Board, I will work hard to increase its transparency, to
> make sure that users issues are considered, and to ensure more
> participation in ICANN from people who are not funded by companies and who
> do not speak English. Both of these were important proposals that I fought
> for in the ATRT2 Report (http://www.icann.org/en/
> about/aoc-review/atrt/final-recommendations-31dec13-en.pdf or
> http://www.icann.org/es/about/aoc-review/atrt/final-
> recommendations-31dec13-es.pdf, page 9-11, section 10.3 and 10.5)
> I will be happy to answer any questions.
> Regards, Alan
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 Arce, JosF. 

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