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 El lunes 30 de diciembre de 2013 Nigel Hickson escribió: 

> Good evening
> And I will join Wolf and also noting what a pleasure it is working with
> you; all the best to ALAC (and of course all other parts of ICANNÅ .) in
> 2014!
> Nigel
> On 12/30/13 9:10 PM, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig en comunica-ch.net> wrote:
> >Couldn't express and echo anything better than Carlton did already!
> >Thanks for your marvelous leadership, Olivier, and let's move further
> >with ATLAS II next year!
> >
> >Curtsey,
> >Wolf
> >
> >
> > Carlton Samuels wrote Mon, 30 Dec 2013 13:49:
> >>Dear Olivier:
> >>It must also be said that the notice now being received by the At-Large
> >>in
> >>ICANN affairs is decidedly also a testament to the leadership of the
> >>ALAC.
> >>
> >>I for one would wish to record my own sense of the outstanding role you
> >>play in this development as Chair - lead diplomat and delegate in chief
> >>to
> >>other areas of ICANN. Yours has been an arduous task, one that you have
> >>accepted and worked with a diligence that makes some of us concerned for
> >>your wellbeing.
> >>
> >>Take a bow.
> >>
> >>-Carlton
> >>
> >>
> >>==============================
> >>Carlton A Samuels
> >>Mobile: 876-818-1799
> >>*Strategy, Planning, Governance, Assessment & Turnaround*
> >>=============================
> >>
> >>
> >>On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 11:08 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond
> >><ocl en gih.com>wrote:
> >>
> >>> Dear members, staff, and friends,
> >>>
> >>> as we near the end of the calendar year, the traditional holiday season
> >>> allows us to take a week where we can reflect on this year's past
> >>> challenges and the ones we have ahead of us.
> >>>
> >>> Looking back at the year, I am really delighted with the advances this
> >>> community has made. We now have active working groups with a very
> >>> diverse membership. Some people take part in one or two working groups,
> >>> or take part in regional activities, and they bring in the valuable
> >>> diversity of input that is needed in a geographically balanced,
> >>> bottom-up multi-stakeholder system. Others promote this community by
> >>> performing outreach in fora outside of ICANN. Others work behind the
> >>> scenes designing courses and capacity building for newcomers and for
> >>> those members who are not yet taking an active part in this community.
> >>> Some are very active in enhancing their RALO's capability at helping
> >>> their members with understanding and taking part in ICANN processes.
> >>> Some people are active in GNSO working groups. I could go on for a long
> >>> time to explain all of the activities of this community. As ALAC Chair,
> >>> I try to keep aware of all of the work that our members do for this
> >>> community, but occasionally I am surprised by people who are taking
> >>>part
> >>> in an ICANN process but have not directly "advertised it" - such is the
> >>> humbleness of some people in our community.
> >>>
> >>> When interacting with the Board and in other fora, I often receive
> >>> congratulations from people who tell me that they are so pleased that
> >>> At-Large has matured over the years. They are so pleased with the
> >>> quality of the Statements that we draft and send to them. I tell them
> >>> that this would not be possible without the great Team that I have on
> >>> the ALAC and in the RALOs. So I wanted to thank you for the work you
> >>>are
> >>> doing as volunteers. It is truly inspirational to a lot of people in
> >>>ICANN.
> >>>
> >>> Next year is about to arrive and there are a lot more challenges coming
> >>> up. Our work in Policy Development will continue to grow as we now need
> >>> to expand our competencies beyond commenting on ICANN processes but
> >>>also
> >>> in Internet Governance as a whole and the defense of the
> >>> multi-stakeholder model as practised in ICANN. I have concerns that a
> >>> few people have done the majority of the work in "holding the pen" when
> >>> drafting Statements - so I look forward to new volunteers adding to the
> >>> list of writers. Remember, you could co-draft Statements and you do not
> >>> need to be an ALAC member to be a pen-holder. Policy work is very
> >

 Saludos cordiales, 
 Veni Markovski 

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