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Vanda UOL vanda en uol.com.br
Mar Nov 13 12:17:06 UTC 2012

I  believe the general idea was good and of course practical since the size of meetings does not allow several cities to host it. But for our region for instance though the countries with such facilities already have hosted the meetings, if other countries  agree we can start to repeat the places, and keep the same rotation we have now. 
North america is a problem with the visas, so again the proposal is quite practical in that sense.
Europe and Asia has the infrastructure and visa facilities that encourage persons to go.
Asia for instance deserve more chances to host since it congregate so many countries comparing to others thar is unfair to them to have so few opportunities to host the meetings.
My 2 cents

Vanda Scartezini
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On 11/11/2012, at 08:12, Natalia Enciso <natalia.enciso en gmail.com> wrote:

> Buenos días a todos: Está abierto a votación la propuesta estratégica de
> las reuniones de ICANN. Tijani hizo un statement, así como lo comento
> Carlton en los mails que se intercambio sobre el tema en la lista.
> Como habíamos dicho este plan afectara a cuantas reuniones se harán en la
> Región.
> Espero sus comentarios.
> Natalia
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> Consolidated Meetings Strategy Proposal
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> Dear All,
> Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Chair of the ALAC, has asked that a vote be held by
> the ALAC on the proposed "ALAC Statement on the ICANN Consolidated Meetings
> Strategy Proposal<https://community.icann.org/x/_5MoAg>" for communication
> to the relevant parties.
> *****
> Question: Do you support the ratification of the "ALAC Statement on the
> ICANN Consolidated Meetings Strategy Proposal<
> https://community.icann.org/x/_5MoAg>" for communication to the relevant
> parties?
> *****
> Additional information on this Statement can be found on the At-Large ICANN
> Consolidated Meetings Strategy Proposal Workspace<
> https://community.icann.org/x/_5MoAg>.
> Please note that the poll will be open from 10-November-2012 00:01 UTC to
> 15-Novemeber-2012 23:59 UTC.
> Regards,
> Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Matt Ashtiani, Gisella Gruber, Nathalie
> Peregrine and Julia Charvolen
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