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Subject:Re:  [lac-discuss-en]  [Reunión Mensual 21-01-2019] Enlaces presentaciones
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Dear Carlton, in the first instance you have to congratulate Maureen. The important modification in the structure of ALAC and conform the ALT +, I believe that they are already giving results. Yes, a lot is missing, but it has begun. This was done considering the results of the At.large revision, and the first activities were prioritized based on them, with a very tight date in the calendar.
The first result was the proposal to the Board, of the implementation plan of AT-Large Review, fulfilled in time and form.
Previously ALT meetings were only for those designated as such. Now several of us who are not members of ALAC were designated for a specific function such as mine and the organizational area, and the leadership of each RALO must also participate, that is, we are part of that group and therefore we can give our opinion.
It is evident that there is concern and we are seeing how to increase the participation of ALSs and individual members, but it is a task that should carry more weight in the leaders of each RALO, according to my humble opinion.
A bad example: I asked an important question for a probable meeting with the RIRS in Kobe, and of the 54 organizations of our RALO answered two ALS with concrete proposals and one of support and general ideas. It is not the way we will produce contributions to the generation or modification of policies within ICANN.
I will personally deal with the issue of participation and I hope to have more collaboration.
Best regards

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On Jan 23, 2019, at 12:35 p.m., Carlton Samuels <carlton.samuels at gmail.com> wrote:

[[--Translated text (en -> es) -]] Subject: Re: [lac-discuss-en] [Monthly Meeting 21-01-2019] Links presentations From: Carlton Samuels <carlton.samuels at gmail.com> Thank you Harold for providing the link to the presentations.Thanks to Alberto, there should now be enough evidence to show that most of the proposed LACRALO WGs are extraordinary and are not likely to produce the desired results. I reiterate our position; Except and except for the Governance WG, we are still convinced that the more we promote links and participation in the WGs at the ALAC level, the better the LACRALO members will be prepared for meaningful work on developing names and numbers policies. The facts are not debatable. The advice of authorized policies and other interventions prescribed by the statutes occur at the ALAC level.If one closely follows how the current ALAC engages to obtain policy advice, the role played by the CPWG and the Scope and Commitment Working Groups is highlighted. LACRALO is recommende
 d to launch its luck at that level by expanding the number of voices beyond our 2 elected representatives. LACRALO-level working groups that have the same themes are unlikely to be productive for the time they spend and, definitely, less impactful.-Carlton Samuels The University of the West Indies ===================== Carlton A Samuels Mobile: 876-818-1799 Strategy , Process, Governance, Evaluation and Turnaround = ================================================================================================ Aida Noblia <aidanoblia at gmail.com> wrote: Thank you very much Harold. The sea., Jan. 222019 at 21:50, Harold Arcos ( <harold.arcos at gmail.com> ) wrote: Dear Deputy, you will find links to the presentations made during our Monthly Meeting yesterday: ALAC Working Structure - Organization Group - Alberto Soto-Chair, Harold Arcos-CoChair LAC Presentation NomCom ((presentation)) Tracy Hackshaw Member Report of ALAC - (presentation) Barlett Morgan We remain at your service for addit
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