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Subject: Eventos 2019 de nuestras ALSs
Desde:alberto Soto <alberto at soto.net.ar>

Dear, I hope you have happily celebrated this end of the year and the beginning of 2019!

For those who have been on vacation, I will repeat something in this mail.
As Co-Chair of the Organizational Area of ALAC, I am working with a Co-chair in each ICANN Region, to have a F2F meeting with our RIRs in Kobe.
The objective of the same is an exchange of information that allows to achieve the best collaboration between them and At-Large.
For this I asked for concrete ideas and some interesting ones have already been contributed.
- Take advantage of already scheduled meetings of our ALSs for this year and disseminate IPv4 - IPv6 issues; and DNSSEC concepts and their implementation.
- Hold a meeting specific rabbits topics. Even carry out this specific meeting on the same day of the year in LAC, to give it more strength.

How to see
The main reason is to tell our RIRs, what we can offer them as a collaboration. Then we will see what we can get from them.

For this, I ask you please:
- Other ideas to collaborate to interact with LACNIC
- The dates of events that each of you already have set in the 2019 calendar.
- Idea of the probable events that could arise to realize this year.

As this is to try to finalize this meeting in Kobe, I ask you please, before January 30, send as much information as possible.

I thank you for the great effort it means, but consider that it is in benefit
of our Region.

Best regards

Alberto Soto +54 911 6212 5559

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