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Subject:Re:  Fw: ENC:  ".AMAZON" TLDs.
	Reconsideration	Request.
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Thanks Juan Manuel for sharing, this important information. Of the subject. Amazon not only have been interested and attentive the governments, but many organizations and individuals of the civil society of the countries that compose the amazonian region.We have been attentive and we have not only been critical but we have also made contributions to the discussion, since we consider that this is a gateway that has been opened for future registrations of names domains that we consider sacred, our own and that may affect other regions especially indigenous.

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Dear All,
I am sharing with you this email that came to me about the request for reconsideration of .amazon. The original email was shared in English and the list could not be translated so I transcribed it for your information:
"Please find here a letter dated 5 November 2018 that was sent by the Secretary General of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, HE Ambassador Jacqueline Mendoza, on behalf of ACTO
s member States, to the Chairman of the ICANN Board and the ICANN President and CEO.

The letter confirms, with reference to the 25 October 2018 Board resolution, that the Amazon countries are willing to discuss the mutually acceptable solution for the delegation of the ".AMAZON" top-level issues and in that context look forward to meeting the ICANN President and CEO in the near future. This will be the first time he will be meeting and discussing with ACT. In the same letter, the SG-ACT clarifies, however, that a mutually acceptable solution has not been agreed upon and that the Amazon countries have not received a written proposal. With a view to ensuring that the next meeting between Mr.Marby and ACTO member States representatives takes place in its correct context, Ambassador Mendoza calls for the nullification of the 25 October Board resolution and announces that a formal reconsideration request would be filed accordingly for the pertinent bylaws (this was done simultaneously with the expedition of the 5 November 2018 letter).
On behalf of the Brazilian government, I would like to add that we look forward to a meaningful interaction with Mr. Marby and that we will work constructively and as speedily as possible towards achieving a formula that adequately addresses all the parties involved
s interests.However, as it becomes abundantly clear from the letters exchanged between the SG-ACTO and the ICANN President and CEO, no direct contacts have been made so far to that effect. No proposal that might have been developed with the Amazon countries, which until now, in regard to substance, have only indicated that the proposal put forward by Amazon Inc. back in 2015 contained better terms (and might therefore serve as a better starting point) that the one presented at the beginning of this year.Brazil, as well as the other Amazon countries, was therefore surprised with the Board
s resolution to direct "the President and CEO, or his designee (s), to remove the" Will Not Proceed "status and resume processing of the .AMAZON applications according to the policies and procedures governing the 2012 round of the New gTLD Program. This includes the publication of the Public Interest Commitments, as proposed by the Amazon Corporation, according to the established procedures of the New gTLD Program. "
In that light, the request for reconsideration should not be interpreted as a backtrack from the previous manifested intent to negotiate (which was reaffirmed by the 5 November 2018 letter) but rather as an initiative aimed at the record straight, thus removing a Board
s ruling that is premature and pre-empts the outcome of discussions yet to take place. The Amazon countries are not aware, for example, of what would be the "Public Interest Commitments, as proposed by the Amazon Corporation". Are those the ones contained in the 2018 proposal (which was rejected by ACT)? Or something altogether different developed without the Amazon countries
participation?(By the way, not even the proposal to delegate the ".AMAZON" TLDs subject to Public Interest Commitments had been put forward to ACT before). This is one among many other problematic parts of the 25 October 2018 resolution which, in general, seems to be based on an erroneous interpretation of both the state of play and the Amazon countries perspectives - which should, by the way, expressed by the Amazon countries themselves in a proper context.
We consider that the upcoming visit of the ICANN president and CEO could lead to a succesful outcome in this case if the ICANN Board remains committed to working towards a mutually acceptable solution.We have been working towards that goal and intend to continue to do so. However, we also consider that the 25 October resolution will not help in that regard as it adds confusion and may lead to erroneous interpretations, among which the perception that the Amazon countries and Amazon Inc. have already agreed to the main elements of a future shared regime for the ".AMAZON" TLDs - which is not the case. "

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