[lac-discuss-en] Agradecimiento

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I wish to express my gratitude for the tremendous work you have done in respect of the LACRALO Secretariat. You have truly redefined the role and in many ways, made it your own. 

It was a pleasure working with you and I trust that we will continue to benefit from your engagement with LACRALO and the wider At-Large community. 



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Subject: [lac-discuss-en] Agradecimiento

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Subject: Agradecimiento
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Dear members of the community,

The purpose of this message is, first of all, to thank you for the
portunidad for having allowed me to take charge of the Secretariat of LACRALO p
or the time the mandate lasted and their respective re-election. It has been mu
and rewarding to be able to work and interact with all of you, in a
constant lifting.I must especially thank all the people who
They gave me their support and they sent me expressions of affection.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you that I will send a brief report - the c
ual was not sent before because I was waiting for the information
that the ICANN Staff just sent me this week, which should
to be consolidated - the same one that will contain some important points that,
in my opinion, they should be highlighted as management for the occupied position, and
independent of the mediation process and the important activ
which were carried out and that surely in this new management is promoted
saran and / will improve.

I remain at your disposal, as always, to continue working for the Regio


Maritza Agüero

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