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This initiative is a welcome one and a watershed development.

IMHO, done right and conscientiously, this initiative will probably do more
for transparency than any single other ICANN action.


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Open Data Initiative Datasets and Metadata

11 June 2018

*Open Date:* 11 June 2018 *Close Date:* 27 July 2018
*Originating Organization:* Office of the CTO
*Categories/Tags:* Open data
*Brief Overview:* Much of the preparatory work for the first phase of the
Open Data Initiative is now complete, in particular the creation of a Data
Asset Inventory, which provides a preliminary list of the datasets that
ICANN holds. The next major stage is a lengthy process of publishing
datasets on ICANN's upcoming open data platform. This public comment shares
details of the Data Asset Inventory, the associated metadata specification
and requests feedback that will be used to determine the priorities for
dataset publication.

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