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Alan has open the election for presidency of ALAC  and he would not open it if there was not closed all RALOS’ elections- there is no need to have this discussion. I have not entered before since I believe is not an ethical position talk about any winner in an election you have participate.

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Well said!   Alan

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Dear friends, I think it is not necessary to go over the matter.
The SOI of Tracy, to me and understand is correct, many of us are workers
of the state and that does not mean in any case incompatibility with the
representative positions that are discussed within LACRALO.
Continue in this sterile discussion is to promote or generate gaps where
they were already settled in our meetings in Los Angeles and Sam Juan de
Puerto Rico.
I propose to look ahead and stop making minor discussions, we now have to
work on several issues that are open in ICANN and that many of them are
waiting for us with our contributions.

Best regards

Sergio Salinas Porto President Argentine Internaut Argentina Association
of Internet Users / FeTIA / CTA FLUI- Latin American Federation of
Internet Users facebook: salinasporto twitter: sergiosalinas Youtube:
salinasporto Skype: internautaargentina Mobi: +54 9 223 5 215819
"Hopefully we can be disobedient, every time we receive orders that
humiliate our conscience or violate our common sense "Eduardo

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