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 Dear Vanda, I have my support and support for the nomination as Ambassador. 

 I have seen you work for many years, and I believe that in LACRALO you are indicated by the wide experience that gives you that level of participation. And also the participation in ALAC and in the different working groups of ICANN. 

 If Janice has invited you, given her great experience in people's knowledge, I fully understand the motives. 

 Kind Regards and count on my continued collaboration. 

 Alberto Soto 

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 Dear Friends 

 I think I have already had the opportunity to comment with you that I am a guest member of Janice to be part of the ONBOARDING Community Pilot Program group, whose focus is to ensure the greatest ease of participation, understanding, support and support for all who enter ICAN Either the first time or returning after an absence, or moving groups internally to ICANN. 

 I have developed some documents and I have also asked Alberto that I have documented our outreach activities to be part of this general repository of ICANN information, which this group is building. 

 The DNS WOMEN Resellers program will also share with this repository. 

 This email is to look for you if you can agree to support my name to be one of the Ambassadors of this group and thus, to be an Ambassador for our group.

 The responsibility of the Ambassadors is to attract, persuade, and be a mentor to new members or to those who return to ICANN, helping them to participate in policy groups, calls, general working groups or working groups Of several communities, in order to help them to march like a real participant of ICANN without being lost between many parallel actions. 

 I am grateful if they can express themselves by e-mail so that, if I can win their support, I will direct Janice to the position of the group, without the need for a complex voting process. 

 I appreciate comments 

 Vanda Scartezini 

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 Sorry for any typos. 

 HAPPY 2017! 


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