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 Subject: Report LACIGF10 Panama 
 Desde: asoto at ibero-americano.org

 Dear, I copy below the report that I timely sent to CROP, for 
 My attendance at LACIGF Panama. 

 I should like to highlight the contact made with the Cuban Information Union, 
 Organization with which they had previously had contact, and to whom 
 I already sent you the link to start the certification process as ALS. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

 LACIGF Report 10 Panama 

 Produced by: Alberto Soto 

 In the opening day, at the inauguration were Irvin Halman 
 Authority for Governmental Innovation (AIG) Panama; Ra l Echeberria 
 Internet Society (ISOC); Valeria Betancourt Association for the Advancement of 
 Communications (APC); And L a Patricia Hern ndez P rez- IPANDETEC, Panama 
 Owner of our ALS.

 As in many of the fourteen back panels, they all 
 In the multistakeholder model and the desirability of maintaining it and 
 Increase it. The representative of the government gave as an example that 
 Work was completed on the day of the date to be connected to 80% of 
 The panameos and that the whole be before 2018. 

 In the panel of Econom a Digital, the lack of treatment of this 
 Theme in our entire region. It is thought that there is ignorance 
 Of the topic and its true scope. 

 In the Panel on Internet Governance and Human Rights, the 
 Lack of legislation. There are also several countries where there is not even 
 Space for discussion. 

 In the rest of the panels they were treated subjects like Right to the forgetfulness, 
 Cybersecurity from the perspective of human rights; Competition in 
 The digital environment and the concern for access, digital inclusion and 

 In another, the Integration of the objectives of sustainable development and 
 Internet Governance.The future of the Internet with the use of intelligence 
 And the progress of digital cities. 

 Much importance was also attached to the spaces of Governance 
 Local, and how to see the progress of the discussions. 

 Regarding the spaces for multisectoral participation, in the panel 
 It was said that these spaces, instead of progressing, are 
 Reducing around public policies. 

 Participate actively by making several queries at the end of the panels. 

 In particular, when the 
 Organizations to educate the end user of the Internet, offer the 
 Collaboration of LACRALO. Say as an example the activities that are 
 Developing Internauta Chile, giving this training on several levels, 
 Including secondary schools and the elderly. Inclusive 
 Distributing material in digital format, where it is spoken of bulling. He 
 Representative of the government of Mexico all note and said to communicate to. 

 There was an open microphone end session.Intervened explaining how iCANN 
 Currently has working groups on the main themes that in this 
 Were considered to be of great importance. The groups of 
 Human Rights, Diversity, Transparency, Data Protection, Security. 
 Invite those who would like more information to contact me or 
 With Renata Aquino Ribeiro, from one of our ALS in Brazil. 

 Before making this trip, I had contacted the Informatics Union 
 from Cuba. There were two representatives of this association at this congress. 
 We were able to coordinate and I already sent the link so that they can present themselves for 
 Certify as ALS. 

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