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 Thank you for your valuable comments, Carlos Raul. 

 I'll post them to the wiki 



 From: Gutierrez, Carlos Raul [mailto: carlosraul at gutierrez.se] 
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 Subject: Re: [lac-discuss-en] LACRALO EMERITUS COUNCIL 

 Thank you Sylvia for your excellent presentation yesterday. Two general comments to help those who could not hear from some of the reactions yesterday. 

 1. When I go to the document it is not obvious that all this effort is derived for the purpose of implementing the recommendations of mediation.I believe it is essential to repeat, as a background to the document, the complete recommendations of the mediation process, in order to avoid doubts about the scope of the expected activity of the council. 

 2. I also think it necessary to repeat that membership is not exclusive to any segment. On the contrary, membership in the Council is to demonstrate that some volunteers have spent many years in the governance process of ICANN and that it is now about renewing and reinforcing LACRALO volunteering with young and diverse new blood on A new basis of trust and cooperation. 

 I think that sometimes we forget these two concepts and it is good to emphasize them, so that we do not give the impression of a new layer of bureaucracy and formalisms. 

 Thank you very much again 

 Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez 


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 On 08/22/2017 06:44, sylvia at internautabrasil.org <mailto:sylvia at internautabrasil.org> Wrote: 

 Dear members of LACRALO 

 First of all, I would like to thank you for your great interest in the work done by the FFCL working group during the monthly LACRALO meeting in August. 

 Then, apologize because the link published on the wiki with the English version is wrong (a draft of the first meeting was translated). The staff requested yesterday the translation of the final work. 

 Although the Spanish version is published in the wiki, here is the link so that they can see it quickly; Since for a matter of transparency we put all the versions with which we were working and can give work to find it. 

 https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=66066360  &lt;  https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=66066360&preview=/66066360/69278767/propuesta%20final%20FFCL%20reunion%2004-08-2017_%20(002).docx> 

 Finally, ask them to wait for your contributions and comments on the wiki.After the comment period, the wg will meet to analyze them and then we will organize a call for all members of LACRALO interested in the subject. 

 I am available for any clarification, 

 Greetings to all 



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