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 Exactly Aida. 

 If they are fixed in the subsection 4) does not mention like requirement age. 

 One thing I would like to remind you is that the council already has an official name = Emeritus Council of LACRALO / Emeritus Council of LACRALO; And we would have to get used to calling it that :) 

 I use to copy the following the latest version in Castilian, since in the page as we have placed all the versions, maybe it is difficult to find it (it is at the end)  https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=66066360 

 Here is the part of the document that should be commented: 


 A) Advise the Leaders (President, Secretary, ALAC Member, Delegate) 

    LACRALO whenever it is sued or when an issue is identified 

    Concerning the Operating Principles and Rules of Procedure of LACRALO. 

 B) To support the members of LACRALO in matters related to the discussions of 

 Policies and issues of major interest to ICANN. 

 C) To ensure that the Operating Principles and Rules of Procedure of LACRALO 

 Are always observed by leading executives and ALSs. 

 D) Safeguarding the Institutional Memory of LACRALO. 

 E) Make suggestions on the entry of new ALSs into LACRALO and recommend 

 The community regarding the applications submitted. 

 F) To collaborate with the Leaders in the promotion and / or on the regulatory reforms, 

 Or procedure in accordance with experience and best practices. 

 G) Propose and encourage the participation of LACRALO members in positions 

 Managers to maximize opportunities to participate and lead the community. 

  H) Assisting the community to develop effective mechanisms for participation and 

 Involvement in the working groups, discussions and work of LACRALO, and 

 Related instances; As well as for achieving the goals and objectives of the 

 Active working groups. 

 I) Provide regular mentoring sessions, coordinating with Leaders of 

   LACRALO, to take advantage of the Training Plan (or similar) and contribute to its 



 A) The Council will be formed by people with experience in LACRALO. With no less than 3 and no more than 5 people, and taking into account the geographical diversity of LACRALO. They will be elected by the community, according to the regular elections process in the region. 

 B) Regardless of the number of applicants, a list will be generated with the order of the most voted. This list will also be used when a member of the Council must be replaced for any reason; Following the order of the votes. If there is no substitute, a ballot will be called. 

 C) The 5 candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected for the formation of the First Council of LACRALO. 

 D) Of the Renunciation: The members of the Council can resign at any moment and the next most voted candidate, in the original election of that council, will replace it until the end of its mandate. If there is no replacement, a new election will be called.

 E) Duration \\ Renovation Council members: 

      The permanence of the first elected members will be of 2 or 3 years, according to the renewal of two thirds (â…”) of the Council at the end of the second year. 

      The members with the lowest votes will remain for 2 years and those with the most votes for 3 years, thus there will be continuity of work and maintenance of the institutional memory of the 



 You will need to meet at least 4 requirements listed below 

  To be considered as a candidate for the Council: 

 A) Be actively participating in LACRALO during the last 5 years. 

 B) Have been elected to any of the leadership positions of LACRALO 

 (President, Secretary, ALAC Member, Delegate).

 C) Have a relevant position in any of the other ACs, SOs, and \\ o Board. 

 D) Have participated actively in not less than 3 WG / CCWG of ICANN and / or LACRALO. 

 E) Have participated in not less than 8 monthly meetings of LACRALO during the last 12 months. 

 F) Have participated in at least one of the ATLAS Assemblies or similar. 

 G) Do not hold a position in LACRALO (President, Secretary, ALAC Member, Delegate), at the time of his appointment and for the duration of his term in the Council. 


       A) The Council shall elect its coordinator from among the elected members and its term of office shall be one (1) year; Not being able to be reelected for the subsequent period. (After the year as coordinator, he will remain a member of the Council until the end of his term).

      B) The Council shall meet regularly, by any definite electronic means, once (1) per month, preferably in the week prior to the monthly LACRALO meeting, to report on its activities and notifications at that meeting. 

     C) The Council will have its own subpage within the LACRALO wiki, where any LACRALO member may send questions and doubts; And will be answered on the same wiki. 

     D) The Council may be convened for extraordinary meetings with the leaders of LACRALO that with the help of the Staff will agree on date and time for both groups. 

     E) If necessary, and at the discretion of the Board, experts from the community may be incorporated into the meetings on topics that require specific skills to assist them in their work. 

 6) The COUNCIL MUST WORK with the maximum possible openness and transparency, consistent with its procedures and operating to ensure equity in all its work.

 Your meetings will be recorded and your agendas informed to the general list of LACRALO. 

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 Subject: Re: [lac-discuss-en] English version for COMMENT - &quot;The Council of Elders&quot; group has finished its draft document today 

 I do not recall that the working group mentioned age as a requirement. According to the primary draft no matter the age of the person can join the Council, if meets the other requirements. 

 Sometimes the age may not be determinant if the other conditions are. In terms of technology the older age is not always indicative of greater knowledge or experience. 

 Welcome to the Caribbean, as Sylvia said. 


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 Subject: Re: English version for COMMENT - &quot;The Council of Elders&quot; group has finished its draft document today 
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 Thank you very much!!! 

 It would be good for members of the Caribbean to comment on this document. 


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> Dear All,
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> This has been uploaded to the wiki page:
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> Thank you.
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> Subject: [lac-discuss-en] "Elders Council group" has finished its draft document today
> Dear members from Caribbean region
> Since you haven't participate on this draft group please, as soon as the translation is done,7$ take a deep look at the draft document and make your comments. Please feel free to reach me or Sylvia Herlein Leite to any question you want to make more clear.
> Thank you for your collaboration.
> Kisses to all and nice weekend
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