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 Dear Carlos, thank you very much for leaving me muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outside 
 Of the range. 

 For this very reason, I suggest 150 years. I think you will have some 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 
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 Subject: Re: Council of Elders 
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 Since ISOC does not give support to anyone over 40, I suggest 41 

 Carlos Ra l GUTIERREZ 
 Paragraph 1571-1000 

 On August 9 2017 12:02, &quot;Renata Aquino Ribeiro&quot; 
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> Hi
> This is a very good idea imho
> https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=66066360
> I have to get you ready for a question that keeps getting asked in the 
> Youth movement
> How old is old?
> I.e. > What makes one eligible for the elder/wise/notable council?
> Best,
> Renata
> Note: in full disclosure, I'm generation sandwich :) - not youth, not 
> wise
> :)
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