[lac-discuss-en] public consultation on internet future in Brazil

Vanda Scartezini vanda at scartezini.org
Wed Aug 9 20:16:05 UTC 2017

Sorry to disagree Renata.  
The focus of this public consultation can not be seen as any attack to CGI, rather is  focused on see what public is thinking about the CGI governance. What , in my view is quite a democratic move.
 As we know there is no real renovation on the composition of our steering committee since 2004 when the new election system was starting.
 Renata I believe you can also agree with this.
This is a natural move and done with a public consultation, which is good, not just imposed by the government. 
Of course the proposal shall come from the government which is the head of steering committee.  I am sure since the new government started there was some debates about the election process inside CGI, so can not be new for them. 

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>Brazilian government has put forward, overnight, a public consultation
>on the future of the internet in Brazil
>This marks a rather distinctive move from the government to shape how
>internet is governed
>It is being regarded as also a direct attact to the multistakeholder
>institution CGIbr
>Whether or not one disagrees w/ the institution or such move, the
>rushed nature of all this is very controversial
>So a note was authored and asked to share widely
>Hopefully this gov. and others will improve their processes in
>discussing internet policymaking
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