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 Dear LACRALO mimebros, 

 I inform you that the activities of the Future Formation Council of LACRALO, 
 FFCL-wg, have come to an end. And I like to take the opportunity to 
 Thank the time and effort of all who participated in this 

 This working group was formed to comply with one of the recommendations 
 Made by the mediators after the Los Angeles meeting, 

 In January from this to o. 

 After several months of work, we present the final version of the 
 Document, in Spanish, for your consideration. 

 We have requested an official version of English, the department of 
 Translations of ICANN. 

 Here is the link to our wiki page, where you will not only see the 
 Final version in castallano,

 As well as all the steps of our work. 


 There will be a period of one month, after the English version is 
 Published on the wiki, for comments from the entire community. 

 We will be attentive to your comments. 

 Greetings to all! 

 Sylvia Herlein Leite FFCL -CHAIR 

 Vanda Scartezini FFCL- CO-CHAIR 


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