[lac-discuss-en] RES: On-site Workshop on IPV6 in Lima, Peru

sylvia at internautabrasil.org sylvia at internautabrasil.org
Tue Aug 1 12:01:35 UTC 2017

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 Subject: RES: On-site Workshop on IPV6 in Lima, Peru 
 Desde: sylvia at internautabrasil.org

 Dear Alberto, 

 The truth is that I do not understand what the purpose of your message is. Instead of rejoicing because in our region is going to perform a magnificent activity, which puts into practice what was signed between LACRALO-LACNIC, you get to look for errors or lack of mentions ??? 

 We are going through a process of MEDIA, so that, among other things, our communication is improved and our region continues to be a pioneer in activities and concrete work. And you get caught up in historical details ?? What a pity!! 

 Greetings to all, 

 And my biggest congratulations to Maritza for having put what was just a role in practice !!! 

 Hopefully other ALSs get the same! 



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