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 Subject: [InvitacionesFgi] Invitation the 2nd Internet Governance Forum Colombia - 2015 
 From: &quot;Julian Casasbuenas G.&quot; <julian at colnodo.apc.org>
 To: @ listas.gobernanzadeinternet.co invitations, fgicolombia <fgicolombia at listas.colnodo.apc.org>

      Colombia calls for a discussion on Internet Governance 

 From 28 to 30 September will be held on 2nd Governance Forum 
 Internet 2015 in Bogota. Admission is free upon registration at 

 * Bogotá DC, September 21, 2015 *

 Bogota will host for the second time related events 
 Internet governance, where national and international experts 
 They discussed issues such as network neutrality, freedom of expression, 
 Privacy, cyber security and defense and the Internet to reduce 
 poverty, among others. 

 As part of Internet Week will be held from 28 to 30 
 September &quot;* the 2nd Internet Governance Forum Colombia - 2015 *&quot; in 
 Monserrate Hall, the Crown Plaza Hotel Tequendama. The event is 
 Mesa organized by the Colombian Internet Governance, integrated 
 by different stakeholders from government, civil society, private sector and 

 Entrance to the forum is free upon registration on the website 
<http://gobernanzadeinternet.co/es/noticias/www.gobernanzadeinternet.co> , in 
 where you can check your calendar and exhibitors, among others.

 Also as part of Internet Week will take place in Bogota 
 Registry usual appointment Internet Addresses America 
 America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) next to Forum Network Operators 
 Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC), closed events to be held 
 September 28 to October 2, 2015 and that have to do with 
 development issues and Internet infrastructure. More information in 

 It is important to note that Internet governance is the development and 
 application by governments, the private sector, academia and society 
 civil, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, 
 rules, decision-making processes and programs that shape 
 evolution and use of Internet.

 The discussion on Internet Governance developed through 
 as regional and national, global forums in which 
 establish recommendations which promote the popularization of Internet 
 and the identification of best practices applicable to models 
 own technological development of countries. 

 These spaces were launched at the Summit of the Society 
 Information in Tunisia 2005 where world governments created the Forum 
 Internet Governance as a mechanism involving various 
 stakeholders on the subject such as civil society, academia, 
 the private sector and governments themselves. 

 In Latin America, Colombia along with Mexico and Brazil it is one of the 
 Countries that have led the debate on Internet governance with the 
 participation of stakeholders from different sectors in a Working 
 which meets every two months to review progress on this issue. 

 * About the Bureau Internet Governance Colombia *

 In the Internet Governance Mesa Colombia, the government, society 
 civil, academia and the private sector join forces to shape 
 the development and use of Internet in the country. 

 It involves (but not limited to these actors): 

  * - * Government: * Ministry of Information and Technology 
    Communications and the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC). 
  * - * Private sector: * Google Colombia, Twitter Colombia, Intel 
    Colombia, Telefonica Colombia and CO Internet SAS. 
  * - * Civil society: * Karisma Foundation, Colnodo, Foundation 
    Press Freedom Internet Users Association and 
    Association Study Group and Academic Research in Law 
    Economics and Business in the Information Society (ageia.densi). 

 This table is an open space with room for all 
 organizations and individuals interested in the issue of governance 
 Internet in the country.To participate in the Bureau can enroll in 
 the mailing list through the website 
 http://www.gobernanzadeinternet.co; read in the same place most Proceedings 
 Recent meetings and attend such meetings as the 
 schedule. You may participate remotely in case you can not 
 personally attend or be in different cities to Bogota. The 
 connection instructions are sent before the meeting by the 
 mailing list. 


 Further information on the event: http://gobernanzadeinternet.co/eventos/ 

 You are receiving this information because he participated in the fifth 
 regional meeting of Internet Governance or because it is part of the 
 fgicolombia at listas.colnodo.apc.org list 


 Colnodo - Strategic use of the Internet for development 
 Julian G. Casasbuenas * * 


 Phones: 57-1-2324246, Cel 57-315-2585596 57-315-3339099. 

 Diagonal 40A (Antigua Av. 39) No. 14-75, Bogota, Colombia 

 Twitterjcasasbuenas &lt;  https://twitter.com/jcasasbuenas> 
 &lt;  https://twitter.com/colnodo> 

 www.colnodo.apc.org <http://www.colnodo.apc.org> - Strategic Use 
 Internet Development 

 Member of the Association for Progressive Communications -APC- 
 www.apc.org <http://www.apc.org>

 Invitations mailing list 
 Invitaciones at listas.gobernanzadeinternet.co 

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