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 Subject: RES: Earthquake in Chile 
 From: sylvia at internautabrasil.org

 Thanks Javier awaited by this news. 

 Happy to know you're okay and that Chileans once, have joined together and begin another stage of struggle and reconstruction. 

 Force !!! 

 And what our fraternal hug 



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 Thank you all for your good wishes. 

 As I said, it was not the most destructive earthquake, despite being 8.4, with aftershocks, more than 300, which reached 6.6. 

 What was the most destructive tsunami, which left several families without anything, literally, since the sand and sea water destroyed everything but the human spirit emerged, the help, to collaborate, the get ahead, and my city he is doing, including my family, because a sister was in the disaster area.

 Thank you all for your concern, it is important to us despite the distance a virtual hug to feel the support of the whole community and the region, as it should always be. 

 These situations only should make us larger and more united. 

 A hug 


 The September 18, 2015, 20:50, Aida Noblia <aidanoblia at gmail.com> wrote: 

 An embrace of solidarity to the Chilean friends. We regret this terrible disaster and we expect international cooperation is made present and effective so that they can recover soon. 

 Greetings to all 

 Aida Noblia 


 The September 18, 2015, 16:31 Vanda Scartezini <vanda at scartezini.org> wrote:

 As toy Travel Airport and just now reading this email, I hope that friends and families of our colleagues and friends have not suffered anything personally and I along with Sergio waiting just for connectivity issues we do not talk to them. 

 I ask God to protect them. 

 Hugs to all. 

 Vanda Scartezini 

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 On 09/17/2015, at 8:33, Sergio Salinas Porto <presidencia at internauta.org.ar> wrote: 

 Dear LACRALO companions, as you know in Chile yesterday suffered another earthquake, this was 8.3 on the Richter scale. In the there are 8 dead and several desperecidos, this earthquake was centered in the cities where they are living family of Humberto Carrasco and Javier Internauta Chandia of Chile. 

 Since yesterday I am trying to communicate with Javier, without favorable results, I sent mails and I have not received any reimbursement models themselves. I believe it is only for connectivity issues that do not answer.

 If someone has the phone (maybe the staff have it) of the Please Please let me send it to try to communicate with him. 

 Thank you very much to all 

 Sergio Salinas Porto 

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