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 As toy Travel Airport and just now reading this email, I hope that friends and families of our colleagues and friends have not suffered anything personally and I along with Sergio waiting just for connectivity issues we do not talk to them. 
 I ask God to protect them. 
 Hugs to all. 

 Vanda Scartezini 
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 On 09/17/2015, at 8:33, Sergio Salinas Porto <presidencia at internauta.org.ar<mailto:presidencia at internauta.org.ar> &gt; Wrote: 

 Dear LACRALO companions, as you know in the day yesterday Chile suffered another earthquake, this was 8.3 on the Richter scale. In the there are 8 dead and several desperecidos, this earthquake was centered in the cities where estn family living Humberto Carrasco and Javier Internauta Chandia of Chile.
 Since yesterday I am trying to communicate with Javier, without favorable results, I sent mails and still I have not received any devolucin same models. I believe it is only for connectivity issues that do not answer. 
 If someone has the phone (maybe the staff have it) of the please enven appreciate what I try to communicate with him. 
 Thank you very much to all 

 Sergio Salinas Porto 

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