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 Subject: Re: RV: Use of Country and Territory Names / Codes as Top-Level Domains 
 From: crg at isoc-cr.org

 Thanks Alberto, Alejandro, 

 the participation of all has been very low, not only ALAC. 

 Some reasons have been 
 The ccNSO reached no conclusion after 2 years of work by his side, and then pasel killed a group ccNSO-GNSO 
 Chairs of the 4 co, operate only 3 
 The GAC has made a counterproposal perimeter of a broader definition, and has consistently refused to participate in this group.Nor do we know much of the GAC group on this issue, although it is led by Argentina 
 knowledge on the subject is increasingly scarce and thanks to 2 people in particular we could at least make a thorough account of the history of the 2-character codes 
 that calls every 2-3 weeks not happen to have 10 people, including the usual three and two Co Chairs Staff 
 definitely the participation of Cheryl has been heroic 
 without further discussed on the basis that such a narrow framework will close the chapter on 2-letter codes in Dublin and will declare the rest (3 letter and longer names) as desert and close the effort. 

 Cheryl thank you for keeping ALACs strong and permanent Presence In This CWG 

 Alan, if there are no f2f meetings, CWG as boring as this one Apparently Apparently Tend to fall into oblivion (but not the Because the lack of airline tickets) but lack of fresh thinking Because .. 

 Thank you all and ojalpuedan part in the final meeting of Dublin 

 Ral Carlos Gutierrez 

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> On Sep 17, 2015, at 8:56 AM, Alberto Soto <asoto at ibero-americano.org> wrote:
> Estimados, sería conveniente que alguien de nuestra Región pueda postularse
> y colaborar en este tema. Creo que tenemos varios que tienen los
> conocimientos necesarios.
> Saludos cordiales
> Alberto Soto
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> Asunto: [ALAC] Use of Country and Territory Names/Codes as Top-Level Domains
> As you may know, there is a joint ccNSO-GNSO Cross-Community Working group
> on the use of country and territory names as Top Level Domains (CWG-UCTN).
> The CWG is soliciting input on the use of three-letter country codes
> - see https://community.icann.org/x/VIxYAw and
> https://community.icann.org/x/X7XhAg.
> Cheryl is the only active At-Large participant in the CWG.
> In general, the ALAC has taken the position that there should be no
> restrictions on the use of formal country/territory names for 2nd-level
> domain names, but had not considered their use as top-level domains in
> recent years. The three-letter codes were not available for assignment
> during the first round of new gTLDs.
> We are looking for a volunteer to, in consultation with Cheryl, review
> whether an ALAC statement is necessary and advisable, and if so to draft
> such a statement.
> Please redistribute this to your RALOs if you feel that appropriate.
> Alan
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