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 thank you. I immediately sent a message to members of ISOC Mexico to explore its opinion. Ojalotras organizations also have an opportunity to do so. 

 Alejandro Pisanty 

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 Dear, you will want someone from our region to run 
 and collaborate on this issue. I think we have several who have 
 knowledge required. 
 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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 May As you know, there is a joint ccNSO-GNSO Cross-Community Working Group 
 on the use of country and territory names as Top Level Domains (CWG-UCTN). 

 The CWG is soliciting input on the use of three-letter country codes 
 - See  https://community.icann.org/x/VIxYAw 

 Cheryl is the only active At-Large participant in the CWG. 

 In generally, the ALAC has taken the position That Should there be no 
 restrictions on the use of a formal country / territory names for 2nd-level 
 domain names, but not HAD Considered Their use as top-level domains in 
 recent years. The three-letter codes Were not available for assignment 
 During the first round of new gTLDs. 

 We are looking for a volunteer to, in consultation With Cheryl, review 
 Whether an ALAC statement is Necessary and Advisable, and if so to draft 
 Such a statement. 

 Please Redistribute This RALOs to your Appropriate That if you feel. 



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