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 Really a disgrace. But something good in everything bad, just 
 hear that successfully managed to evacuate more than 660.00 persons. It is obvious 
 that they have good plans, otherwise deberamos 
 regret much more. 

 This movement sintihasta in Buenos Aires, I guess it was in 
 our beloved Chile. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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 Sylvia thank you very much, 

 Unfortunately Perditodo Javier's sister in the tsunami.

 I asked someone to go to see my apartment in Coquimbo to see 
 that suffered damages. 


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 My dear Javier Humberto 

 I hope all your loved ones are well. 

 Much strength and courage right now that Mother Nature shows 

 We are aware of what they need. 




 Sylvia Leite Herlein 

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 Dear Humberto 

 As esttu family? I hope that this natural phenomenon has not occurred 
 regret your misfortunes and intimate environment in which you appreciate and 
 you value. 

 Diego Acosta Bastidas 

 The September 17, 2015, 4:32 Humberto Carrasco <hcarrascob at gmail.com 
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 Dear Javier, 

 I hope you and your family are doing well in Coquimbo. I hope no 
 They have suffered material damage either. 

 For other members of LACRALO, Javier lives in Coquimbo (the same 
 city \u200b\u200bwhere I live in Chile) where the earthquake was 7.9 on the grade 
 Richter scale. The city is serious damage product 
 earthquake and tsunami. 

 A hug 

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