[lac-discuss-en] The Numbers are Plain Wrong.

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 14:13:17 UTC 2015

So another sham of a LACRALO election is endured.

If you believe in a democratic institution based on rules and
constitutional authority, the candidate declared the representative of
LACRALO to the ALAC for the period 2015-2017 is as illegitimate as the
election process was tainted and fraudulent.

Here's more evidence of incompetence and sloth. Those vote numbers that are
reported are plain wrong.  Look for this to be blamed on staff.

One really need not be a genius in discrete mathematics for it to be
immediately obvious that with only 14 ALS voting in affirmative for the
'winner', that could NOT amount to 46% of the vote. It is the weighted
percentage that counts, not any other fanciful figure pulled from some
febrile brain.

There are 20 countries represented in LACRALO. Each country is CAPPED at 5%
of the vote.

That 5% is deemed the Maximum Percentage.

The 5% of vote is shared equally by the ALS in each country.

The contribution of each voter is then proportional to the number of ALS in
each country.

Take the case of Argentina. There are nine (9) accredited ALS. Each ALS can
only contribute and vote 0.56% of that Maximum Percentage.

Take the case of Nicaragua. With only one (1) ALS, IEEE Nicaragua exercise
the maximum 5% on its own for Nicaragua.

LACRALO has forty-seven (47) ALS.  Only 30 ALS participated in the sham of
an election; BigPulse records 14 votes for Arcos, 8 votes for Rojas and 8

An abstention is counted as a 'no' vote under the rules.

Seventeen (17) ALS were credentialed and did not vote. These could very
well be classified 'election not acknowledged for crap'.

See https://www.bigpulse.com/pollresults?code=5014vdFeWMZF7tDJbzr4zuiD

The real numbers are as follows :

Did NOT vote  - 37.87%
Arcos              - 27.67%
Abstain/No     - 19.04%
Rojas               - 15.42%

There's your 100% of the possible vote accounted!

LACRALO does not have a rule pertaining thresholds for legitimacy or
runoffs. But this I know for sure. The 'winner' does not and cannot
represent the interests of the Jamaican Internet user at the ALAC. Not on a
fraudulent vote.

The spreadsheet will be sent to staff. So that the connection be made to
the authoritative precedent, I will also include the spreadsheet used to
quantify the votes in 2008 that was originally developed by Nick

-Carlton Samuels

Carlton A Samuels
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