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 Hello, I already Contacted me Janice, responsible for the Fellowship. let's see what I get as feedback. 
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 Hello Raitme 
 Thanks for sharing concerns and warn this topic.This is a consideration that could work for Outreach and Engagement for, as well you put it, it affects the work of dissemination and growth of the ICANN community. Please share the info you have and articulate from and to advance this issue. 


 09/12/2015 13:21 GMT-04: 30 Raitme Citterio <rcitterio at gmail.com<mailto:rcitterio at gmail.com> &gt;: 
 Best regards to all of you s 

 Congratulations to Harold Arcos for being elected as the new representative to ALAC lacralo. 

 However, as a new responsibility to represent everyone equally it is to require both Argentiva as Venezuela again be accepted as valid nationalities to run for the upcoming ICANN meetings through the Fellowship program. 

 Since for nominations for the ICANN55 fellow, neither Argentina nor Venezuela are on the list of nationalities valid to be able to apply; which is an act of discrimination and particularly in Venezuela there is a low turnout, the fellowship program to help potential ALS Argentina and Venezuela can be integrated in the short and medium term.

 Raitme Citterio 

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