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 Thank you very much Chris. Humberto we are working right now on 
 it. Habrun summary of the proceedings. 
 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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 I continued to read messages in this list. It is always useful to have passion 
 for their ideas, but sometimes it's a good idea to be careful when you 
 ARE disagree with someone and discuss cuestiny not the person. 
 Partly list members have recognized standards for ICANN 
 civil discourse. I hope this continues 

 I have also seen the movement that has sent through Carlton 
 Samuels seeking a vote of no confidence in the leadership of LACRALO. Also 
 I have seen the suggestion that this should stop voting now 
 execution, to be completed. It is not my place to give a jurdica opinin 
 on the constitutionality and whether this should bring votacina high.
 But I notice that a vote of no confidence in the leadership, and 
 Voting procedures are ongoing issues realize separadas.Me 
 the ballot is considered as a set for some, but a vote of 
 no confidence in the leaders is more properly the subject of a process 
 separately, rather than a measure that will stop the ballot. There will be 
 just to stop the current ballot, when estcasi over, and when 
 many have taken the trouble to discuss candidates comment 
 and the placement of the vote. 

 I recognize that many ALS's in LACRALO (including, but not exclusively 
 Caribbean ALS) estn distressed Hinds Lance estn Caribbean 
 distressed that the candidate had no success in the last round, and is 
 Tomla regrettable that decision to reject the nomination in the round 
 current, and the Caribbean without leaving the voice they estn looking.I understand 
 Senta completely by quse way that after the rejection in the 
 previous round, and I am disappointed that there had many criticisms 
 l unfair. I am sure that this criticism was unfair at least in 
 part by qudeclinla nomination. But there are still two candidates, and I 
 would like to encourage everyone to consider their funds, and place Rating 
 before closing. 

 If members want to continue with the mocin of no confidence, then 
 That tendrque be considered at a duly convened meeting. The 
 Members have the absolute right to bring such motions, and 
 habrun course debate. 

 In view of more time, I am concerned that some members of LACRALO 
 RALO feel excluded. I hope that all participants address 
 has strong opinions and think for this perception of quexiste 
 exclusiny the marginalization.Each Regional At-Large Organization tendrmuy 
 various members, who have very different views on many 
 issues. Have different points of view is really very important, because 
 then it ensures that subjects are fully discussed. We all have 
 different and sometimes passionate opinions, but my goal as the defender 
 the village is working with everyone to reconcile different points of 
 sight where possible, and to ensure also that the groups receive 
 fair treatment to preserve their right to express different points of 
 sight. I am ready at any time to listen to YOU \u200b\u200bSPECIFIC issues, and 
 You can meet even those of you who Serenity Dubln for 
 try Awareness 
 some different views liar. 

 Chris LaHatte 


 Blog  https://omblog.icann.org/ 

 Http://www.icann.org/en/help/ombudsman web page 


 All matters submitted to the Ombudsman Sern treaties 
 confidentially. The Ombudsman also adoptartodas the 
 reasonable steps to preserve privacy and to avoid 
 damage to, those parties not involved in the complaint being investigated by 
 The Ombudsman Ombudsman.The podrn only ask questions about, or 
 advise staff or Board members existence and identity of a 
 complainant in order to advance the resolution of the complaint. The defender 
 People you adoptartodas reasonable steps to ensure 
 if the staff and the Board are aware of the 
 existence and identity of a complainant undertake to maintain 
 confidentiality of such information, except as necessary to promote 
 the resolution of a complaint

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 I'm not sure what you gave TRANSLATION, but the version in 
 English is authoritarian. 

 I started the whole thread plaininly pointing out the words &quot;point 
 order &quot;so that he could not be wrong. 

 Esperhasta that call the election - and the General Assembly ARE 
 session - a question that needed to be asked and debate 

 The cuestin is the vote. 

 The period of seven days is the time to discuss the cuestin. 

 What you are quoted is perfectly clear that the movement is placed 
 correctly and the President has an obligation to make the move. 

 That you pidiuna translation of the movement is evidence that 
 mocin is accepted. 

 Now you come to this rule of Pinochet style of the Order! Qute happens? 

 Meanwhile, the President, the President of LACRALO, dumb, maybe 
 with malice. 

 Ritz-Carlton Samuels. 

 Carlton A Samuels 
 Mobile: 876-818-1799 
 Strategy, Planning on, Government, evaluation and delivery 

 Thu, September 10, 2015 at 7:20 AM Humberto Carrasco 
<hcarrascob at gmail.com <mailto:hcarrascob at gmail.com> &gt; I wrote: 


 To clarify our position even more, we want to explain the nature of 
 which is a matter of order. 

 The rules of procedure of the UNGA, in particular Article 79 
 Annex IV (a) of the Rules of the General Assembly, gives a concept of what 
 It is a matter of order: 

 79. ComitEspecial recommends to the General Assembly the adoption 
 following a description of the concept as a matter of order 
 [Para. 229]: 

 &quot;(A) A question of order is basically a targeted intervention to 
 President requesting him to make use of an inherent power or charge 
 that specifically confers regulation. It can, for example, 
 refer to the way in which is performed the debate, the maintenance 
 the order, the observance of the rules of procedure or in the way 
 which presiding officers exercise the powers conferred on them by 
 rules. Under a matter of order, a representative podrpedir to 
 presiding officer to apply a certain rule of procedure or can 
 questioning the way in which the officer applies regla.Por Therefore, 
 within the scope of application of the rules of procedure, 
 estn representatives authorized to direct the attention of official 
 presiding violacines or misapplications of the rules by 
 other representatives or by the President himself.A question of order has 
 precedence over any 
 other matter, including procedural motions (Rules 73 [114] 
 [Rule 71 [113] of this Regulation] and 79 [120] [Rule 77 [119] 
 of this regulation]). 

 &quot;(B) Points of order raised under rule 73 [114] n 
 entraan matters requiring a decision of the presiding officer, subject to 
 apelacin possible. They are therefore distinct from the procedural motions 
 under rules 76 [117] [Rule 74 [116] of the present 
 regulation] and 79 [120] or that can be solved only by a vote and the 
 that more than one motion may be entertained at the same time, the article 
 79 [120] or the primacy of such sets.Also motions are 
 various requests for aclaracin informacino, or the 
 observations on materials (seats, arrangements system 
 interpretation, room temperature), documents, translations, etc., 
 - If they may have to be dealt with by the president - not required 
 l.Sin resolutions but in practice the United Nations 
 established a representative of the intention to file a motion of 
 procedure or to inform search 
 aclaracin acino often rises to &quot;a question of order&quot; as 
 a means of obtaining the floor. This latter usage, which is based on reasons 
 practices should not be confused with the raising of points of order 
 under rule 73 [114]. 

 If your application is reviewed, you may notice that the application is not 
 He directed to the President requesting him to make use of a power inherent 
 his office or specifically gives you the rules, &quot;but 
 asks &quot;That the General Assembly demonstrate their lack of confidence in the 
 Voting LACRALO leadership and this mocin. 

 In simple terms, what you say is a matter of order, not really 
 is. It is therefore not possible to provide such treatment. 


 The one 09/10/2015 03:39, Carlton Samuels wrote: 


 With the greatest of patience, you're wrong. Again. 

 Please read the motion again Next, see Rule 
 Procedural closely. Rule 18 contains the authority and guidance for 
 the action. 

 The mocin was scheduled for a General Assembly. The pertinent question 
 votaciny the distribution of credentials to the members did so.

 The vote is a matter of decision. 

 All the reasons for the move are concatenated; unlawful assembly, a 
 failure of the process, etc. The vote is the cuestin debated. 

 If you do not understand the reason for not invoke Rule 8, I can explicrtelo. 

 Redactlas original Rules of Procedure and stay to the authority 

 Ritz-Carlton Samuels 

 Carlton A Samuels 
 Mobile: 876-818-1799 <tel:876-818-1799>
 Strategy, Planning on, Government, evaluation and delivery 

 On Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 5:32 pm, Humberto 
 Carrasco <hcarrascob at gmail.com <mailto:hcarrascob at gmail.com> &gt; I wrote: 

 Dear Jacqueline, 

 For this e-mail we respond to his petition. 

 Overall, it is estimated that you can not suspend the election by the 
 following reasons: 

 1. Voting process is iniciel Thursday, September 3, 2015, and 
 prolongarhasta Thursday, September 10, 2015 until 23:00 hours. 

 2. mocin the Lord Samuels was presented on Friday, September 4 

 In his email, the Sr.Samuels planteuna matter of order and 
 ofreciuna mocin of no confidence in the leadership of LACRALO. 

 Sealalgunos arguments to justify their acciny then termincon: 


 That the General Assembly demonstrates its lack of confidence in leadership 
 Voting LACRALO and this mocin &quot;. 

 Therefore, this paragraph shall not say anything about any suspension. 

 3. On 5 September, Mr. Samuels informally ask a translation 
 Spanish its official mocin to be sent to the Spanish list 

 4. Subsequently, on September 7, 2015 Alberto Soto had informque 
 sought the legal advice of jurdico ICANN staff 
 mocin regarding this censorship. 

 5. Rule of Procedure in Articles 8.1 and 8.2 indicates the 

 8.1 During a discussion, any delegate podrplantear a matter of 
 order; a question of the order as pronunciarinmediatamente 

 8.2 podrapelar against the decision of the President. The apelacin be 
 votaciny immediately put to the decision of the President 
 will keep, unless it is overruled by a simple majority of those present and 
 ALS voters. 

 These rules say nothing about any suspension. Nor has 
 apelacin been no. In any case, an appeal shall not suspendila 
 Current ballot. 

 6. There are articles relating to the suspension of Regulation 9 provides: 

 Rule 9 - Procedural Motions 

 9.1 During a discussion, any delegate podrproponer the suspension or 
 Rising SESINO adjournment or closure. 

 9.2 Voting Such motions shall be submitted immediately. Subject to Rule 
 8.1, such motions They will have precedence in the following order over all dems 
 proposals or motions: 

 (A) Suspension of the session; 

 (B) To adjourn the session; 

 (C) To adjourn the debate on the subject in discussion; 

 (D) To close the debate on the question under debate. 

 7 - Finally, with regard to the arguments and accusations of Mr. Samuels, 
 Sern answered that once the official translation into Spanish is sent 
 to the Spanish LACRALO list. 


 Alberto Soto 
 Humberto Carrasco 

 The one 09/09/2015 15:39, Jacqueline Morris wrote: 

 Hello Humberto 

 I'm confused - there was no movement in the table Carlton - the mocin 
 censorship. According to the Rule of Procedure, this motion has 
 to be debated and voted on before the ballot ALAC representative may 
 continue (which takes precedence). This has not been done, how can the asque 
 I vote in ALAC representative be ending tomorrow? 

 Or had one ballot on mociny me what forgiveness? 

 I worry especially given the number of procedural errors 
 They seem to have occurred recently. We do not want more problems with this 

 Jacqueline A. Morris 

 The technology should be like oxygen: Ubiquitous, necessary, invisible, 
 Free. (After Chris Lehmann <http://twitter.com/chrislehmann> ) 

 09/09/2015 9:18 GMT-04: 00 <hcarrascob at gmail.com 
<mailto:hcarrascob at gmail.com> &gt;: 

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 From: hcarrascob at gmail.com <mailto:hcarrascob at gmail.com>


 Do not forget that within Voting ends tomorrow Thursday 10 
 September 2015 at 23:00 UTC. 


 The 04/09/2015 at 0:00, staff at atlarge.icann.org 
<mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org> wrote: 
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>   De: staff at atlarge.icann.org <mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org> 
>   [ES]
>   Queridos todos,
>   LACRALOs Presidencia y Secretaría gustaría anunciar el inicio de la
>   al Representante LACRALO ALAC para el período de dos años a partir de
>   Al final de la reunión de Dublín ICANN en octubre de 2015. Esta
>   desde jueves 03 septiembre 2015 hasta Jueves 10 de septiembre 2015 a las
>   ***
>   PREGUNTA: ¿A quién apoyas a convertirse en el ALAC Representante
>   el período de dos años a partir de finales de la reunión de la ICANN
>   10 2015? Por favor, seleccionar un candidato de la lista de abajo (que
>   por orden alfabético del nombre de la familia) o abstenerse:
>   * Harold Arcos
>   * Juan Manuel Rojas
>   * Abstenerse
>   ***
>   Información adicional se puede encontrar en la página de elecciones
>   https://community.icann.org/x/moAQAw.
>   ==
>   [ES]
>   Hola a todos,
>   El Presidente y secretario de LACRALOs quisieran anunciar el inicio del
>   por voto párrafo Elegir al Representante de LACRALO ante el ALAC
>   EL PERIODO DE 2 aos Empezando al final de de la reunin de Dubln en
>   del 2015. La votacin estarabierta desde el Lunes 03 de Setiembre 2015 al
>   Viernes 10 de Setiembre 2015 a las 23:00 UTC.
>   ***
>   PREGUNTA: A quien Elige Usted Para Ser Representante del LACRALO ante el
>   ALAC POR EL PERIODO DE 2 aos Comenzando en la reunión de la ICANN en
>   del 2015? Por favor ELIJA UN Candidato de la Lista Abajo (en Orden
>   alfabtico) o abstngase:
>   * Harold Arcos
>   * Juan Manuel Rojas
>   * Abstencin
>   ***
>   Informacin Adicional Se Puede Encontrar En La pgina WIKI:
>   https://community.icann.org/x/moAQAw.
>   Saludos,
>   Heidi Ullrich, Silvia Vivanco, Ariel Liang, Gisella Gruber, Nathalie
>   Peregrine y Terri Agnew
>   El personal de ICANN política en apoyo de ALAC
>   E-mail: staff at atlarge.icann.org <mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org> 
>   Facebook: www.facebook.com/icann <http://www.facebook.com/icann>  &lt;
>   AtLarge &lt;  https://www.facebook.com/icannatlarge>
>   Twitter: @ &lt;  https://twitter.com/ICANNAtLarge>
>   &lt;  https://twitter.com/ICANNAtLarge>

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