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 Subject: Re: Draft LACRALO Outreach Strategy for 2015 - mid 2016 
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 I agree with what was said Alexander. In yesterday's meeting, I pointed out that we have a document that we have all the problems in our region, and had their treatment and should be implemented, but it was not considered by this committee. This document was written after making experiences. In addition, I presented with all countries of the region and its coverage in 2013. 

 In this document we say: 

 - Trying to get contacts in the countries not covered. These contacts may be personal or institutional. This is a task that can be performed by any ALS in our region. 

 - Once the contacts made, obtain the necessary information on one or several existing organizations as likely to be certified.

 - To guide it so that it can submit its application for certification. 

 With this, it is clear that the initial purpose is not to make a trip, but to make contact as possible organizations and guide them to the certification process 

 Also I noted yesterday, a strategy for a defined and approved by two members of the Region THIN, but we never saw a proposal within it. It is not the way they perform their task working groups that generate overview and then are sent to the RALOS for consideration. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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 the information is too aggregated to take detailed decisions. 

 ALS few months ago of an island country he said that in his considered opinion, the extension (&quot;outreach&quot;) in its region should be made favoring face contact. 

 Our position is that you should maximize the use of the Internet tools themselves for many reasons. One is to detect whether there is a community interest and commitment really enough. 

 In either case the extension program should be redesigned so that if carried out missions to these countries with small populations, they have a sense of continental integration and are mainly made up of multilingual people outside the specified subregion. Organizations (ALS) in the subregion must have contributed to the harmonious development of LACRALO and guarantee civil and constructive ALS delegates receiving visitors. 

 We have taken note of vehement remarks about the use of time in international transfers and hope that those who have made are consistent with the discipline demanded. 

 Alejandro Pisanty 

 09/08/2015 7:55 GMT-05: 00 Dev Anand Teelucksingh <devtee at gmail.com <mailto:devtee at gmail.com> &gt;: 

 Dear All,

 LACRALO members of disclosure and commitment SC 
 (  https://community.icann.org/x/cqfbAQ)  have developed an outreach strategy LACRALO to be presented in the call SC Extension and commitment to September 9, 2015 at 1800 UTC (  https://community.icann.org/x/iYRYAw). 

 In addition to guiding the activities of members of LACRALO in SC outreach and commitment for the year, a strategy such extension need to be approved by At-Large and the regional GSE (Rodrigo de la Parra) before 30 September 2015, otherwise the funds for Regional Community Outreach Program Pilot (CROPP) not available. 

 Comments are welcome suggestions for the draft strategy Outreach LACRALO. 

 Here is the draft Strategy Extension LACRALO: 

 &quot;A key element of the strategy for the dissemination of LACRALO will get organizations accredited At-Large Structures (ALS) of territories in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) that have no ALS.

 From our analysis we have done through our LACRALO Dashboard 
 (Http://bit.ly/lacralo-dashboard), there are 13 countries out of 33 countries without At-Large. 

 One objective will be to try to get 3 new three territories without ALS ALS for FY16. 

 LACRALO will keep a calendar broadcast http://bitly.com/LAC-Outreach-Calendar 
 to track potential ICT and GI events in those territories without ALS and IG regional events where people and / or possible ALS of those Territories to attend. 

 Furthermore, in collaboration with regional interest groups Global Commitment ICANN LAC, potential individuals and / or organizations that would be At-Large candidates without ALS in those countries were surveyed. Other stakeholders of ICANN (GAC, ccNSO, trainees) in territories without ALS are also available for At-Large find suitable candidates.

 Once a sufficient number of individuals / groups identified, we attempted to contact those people to invite to a series of conference calls the introduction to the basics of DNS, ICANN and At-Large &quot;. 

 Best regards, 

 Dev Anand Teelucksingh 
 At-Large Outreach and Engagement SC chair 


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