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Roosevelt King rok at bango.org.bb
Sun Sep 6 18:49:46 UTC 2015

Humberto finally surrendered the authority vested in the secretariat to the
Chairman. Mistake number one, but he does not seem to be aware of it.

Between the chair and the secretariat they applied a rule that does not
exist in LACRALO, requiring a vote for confirmation of a sole nomination.
This is arbitrary and discriminatory since the object was to ensure that no
Caribbean rep will serve in any capacity within LACRALO.

All the work that they have done? What about the work that the Caribbean
reps have done from inception? You obviously don't care about that so why
should we care?

The rules are not outdated. Just that LA wants them changed so that they can
politicise LACRALO and sideline minorities, which is against the spirit of
the multi-stakeholder model. You want to have your kingdom at the expense of
the Caribbean.

Finally, if they can't understand and interpret the MoU and RoP and
operating principles, then they have no right being Chair and Secretariat.
To admit this translates to evidence of incompetence and supports Carlton's
motion of no-confidence.

Be careful what you say.


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 Internauta from Brazil, do not support the motion, filed by Carlton
 And personally, I acknowledge the great effort and zeal to work from
beginning of his term as Humberto Alberto both have had and continue  He is
taking to fulfill his official work / representatives  region. 
 Having been secretary of the region, which is only difficult to interpret
MOU and the Rules of Procedure, which were created at the birth of  LACRALO
and at the moment, due to our strong growth estn  outdated and / or do not
provide the new situations that arise.
 We can not forget, now, by mistake, all the work that Alberto and  Humberto
they made by the region in the ATLAS II-face meeting and that  We had in
London; not the number of statements he has made the  region in this period
and all the work of inreach with webinars  organized; and also work with the
new ALS OUTREACH  built and regions visited. 
 All we comment Carlton errors and quoting "WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS"
and not  We are professionals for the positions we occupy to help the
 CUL'm not understanding is the actual reason for this mocin. 

 Sylvia Leite Herlein
 sylvia at internautabrasil.org
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 2009-2015 Secretary FLUI
 ex - Secretary LACRALO-ICANN / 2012-2014  ALAC former Member 2009-2011 -
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 Internauta Venezuela does not support the mocin by Carton Samuels 

 A hug 

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> Asunto: Apoyo a la mocisn presentada por Carlton Samuels
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> Apreciados Miembros de Lacralo. 
> ACUI apoya la mocisn presentada por Carlton Samuels y ESPERAMOS: 
> acciones de una la alcaldesa brevedad Que brinden la claridad Que esta 
> situacion amerita y satisfaccion a todos.
> CREEMOS En El respeto, la democracia y el Consenso. 
> Hay Que Encontrar soluciones apropiadas con urgencia parrafo ocuparnos 
> de los Asuntos sustantivos en Lacralo.
> Antonio Medina Gsmez

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