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 Dear, a correction, as the voting date was corrected last Friday, my apologies: 

 "LACRALOs Chair and Secretariat would like to announce the start of the vote 

 for the LACRALO ALAC Representative for the period of two years beginning at 

 the end of the ICANN Meeting in Dublin October 2015. This poll will be open 

 from Thursday 03 September 2015 to Thursday 10 September 2015 at 23:00 UTC. " 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

 From: Alberto Soto [mailto: asoto at ibero-americano.org] 
 Posted on: Thursday, September 3, 2015 10:27 pm 
 For: 'LACRALO Spanish' <lac-discuss-es at atlarge-lists.icann.org>
 Subject: Actual election process ALAC Member 
 Importance: High 

 Dear all: this process is carried out blindly complying with current regulations. 

 I ask you to please read it, it is in the respective call. 

 Some call for a caucus that does not exist; we attach to other regulations; other rules have been violated without indicating; others commenting absolutely out of time; others requesting information, also out of time, and several in a language that is not acceptable to anyone. 

 This process began well, and was promptly recalled: 

 &quot;TIMELINE as Announced by LACRALO leaders on August 12th: 

 • August 12 - Announcement of call for nominations and Nominee's Statement **.

 • 12 August - 21 August (at 23 UTC) - Nomination period (nominations accepted for 10 calendar days). 

 • August 28 - Deadline for nomination acceptances 

 • 31 August (at 00:00 UTC) - 7 September (23:59 UTC) Elections confirmation or poll (If required, elections or a confirmation poll will begin no later than one week after the deadline for nomination acceptances and end no later than That two weeks after deadline). 

 • 2015 AGM [ICANN 54] - Newly Elected ALAC representative Shall Be seated on the ALAC at the close of the 2015 AGM on Thursday, 22nd October 2015. 

 All nominees are expected to submit a brief Nominee's Statement explaining Why They Believe They Are A suitable candidate. The Nominee's Statement will be posted in the wiki. Nominees are Also Requested to complete or update Their Statement of Interest (see: At Large New SOIs Workspace) &quot;. 

 Representatives from each ALS should have received the credentials for voting.

 That is, there was, as in all the votes taken, the time required for all inquiries have been made in time, and not after the voting started. It was announced on August 12, and today is September 3 ... .. 

 I think that this is due only to a lack of reading mail from the list, perhaps some ignorance of the rules, and there is no misconduct. Because if so, I insist, and I think it is not, you should ask these energies and time are set for our region, sharing their views on substantive issues, which do not harm, obstruct and make us lose much time. Today I sent an email on a topic of great interest, and it was closed for lack of comments and proposals. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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