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 Thanks Alexander, has been asked to respond to applicants in writing, before the presentation meeting, at this link:  https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=54695869 

 I think they've already answered most or all. 


 Alberto Soto 

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 Posted on: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 2:53 a.m. 
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 I join your question. 

 But mostly I see that many absences have been announced to this important conference. It is essential that all candidates submit written answers to all the questions, to regulate our vote. 

 Alejandro Pisanty 

 09/01/2015 9:14 GMT-05: 00 Alberto Soto <asoto at ibero-americano.org <mailto:asoto at ibero-americano.org> &gt;: 

 I just add a question to Juan Manuel Rojas. 


 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

 A question for Juan Manuel Rojas: It would seem that the time availability could be a problem. Precisely for this presentation, you had two days unavailable at times when we normally meetings. You're representing LACRALO At-Large ALS standards and expectations Taskforce on opposite schedules and have not been able to fully comply.

 As much as ALAC Member or a member of the TF will have to give an opinion and even vote. My question is if you really have available to meet both, and that percentage could. 

 Thank you 


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