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 Subject: Comments on Second Proposal CCWG Accountability 
 From: asoto at ibero-americano.org

 Commentary published in the wiki: 
 g + + on + 2nd + CCWG-Draft Proposal Accountability + 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

 At the meeting on Tuesday 01/09/2015 At Large Ad-hoc WG on IANA 
 Transition & ICANN Accountability, among other issues tratel Community 
 Mechanism as a Sole Designator (MRDC). The mail below, although it was sent 
 Accountability to CCWG by Alan attulo staff, reflects the position of 
 several in this group. 

 &quot;To: CCWG Accountability <accountability-cross-community at icann.org>

 From: Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>

 Subject: Perhaps a variation ...

 The At-Large group advising on Accountability and IANA matters met today (as 
 we Have Been twice weekly for the last while). It is becoming increasingly 
 That the CMSM model clearer still have a lot of rough edges That need to be 
 finalized prior to putting forward our proposal as the accountability part 
 of the IANA transition, and my recollection Is That We were in Buenos Aires 
 Told in no uncertain terms That the proposal needed to be complete and fully 
 implementable prior to Being accepted by the NTIA and IF NECESSARY, 
 Congress. That I fear the current plan That will not meet target. 

 So, Although I am hesitant to Suggest we switch gears At this time, I am not 
 We have we sure real alternative if we want to effect the transition. 

 The At-Large group was very supportive of Considering a variation of what we 
 now have, Specifically, a Community Mechanism as a Sole Designator (MRDC).

 Following the Buenos Aires meeting, and prior to the CMSM model Being 
 Introduced, many in the CCWG Were willing to Consider the Empowered 
 Designator model, and this is to use the simplified variant That CMSX 
 With the structure but lighter-weight designator Which mechanism will be 
 Significantly Easier to set-up. Also it addresses some of the Concerns With 
 Membership moving to a model for ICANN. 

 I am sending this on my own, but With the knowledge That the concept had a 
 lot of support in my community. 

 Alan &quot; 

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