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 Subject: Outreach and Engagement SC 
 From: asoto at ibero-americano.org

 In the last monthly meeting the Chair of the Outreach and Engagement SC, Dev 
 Anand Teelucksingh, explained the workings of such subcomity Plan 
 Strategic LACRALO. 

 Before that, one of our ALAC Members consultporque me recibiuna 
 task of Dev: take care of a particular country to try 
 capture an organization for subsequent certification as ALS. Le parecitbNL> strange and so I consult. 

 It is the second time I make this comment. Tenamos generated and tested a 
 Similar plan, but added an order of countries, based on the index of 
 Internet penetration. That is, work with an inclusive character, start 
 Indexes with more low passes and I aslo did. 

 With this Plan incorporla current ALS Haiti, the country with the lowest 
 index in our region. And also ISOC Dominican Republic.

 The Strategic Plan of LACRALO generated by the Outreach and Engagement SC, 
 siguiel not normally trmite of any plan to be approved by 
 consensus. And this does not mean that it is correct, but the procedure 
 It is incorrect. 

 In addition: The goal of the ALAC Subcomisin on extension and commitment 
 It is developing both a strategy for At-Large to reach new members 
 Potential community outreach, involve members ascomo 
 new and existing. Once this strategy is developed, it will 
 working with its members, the ALAC and RALO to ensure the strategy 
 successfully implemented. 

 Estdesarrollada strategy, but it has not fulfilled the last paragraph: 
 work with our RALO. 

 The same subcomitestrealizando the implementacin, which is not 
 applicable, it must do our region. 

 At some point you asignarviajes by continuing with this program CROPP 
 implementacin. This procedure is incorrect, it is to be treated 
 within our region.ALS first, then approved by LACRALO, then 
 CROPP the Commission of the GSE program and then. 

 The fact that several members of LACRALO subcomittenga; and either 
 You can enroll at any time, it does not provide authority for the 
 implementacin execution of the program, which must be made within 

 I ask Dev to make the appropriate changes, and start 
 working in coordination with the leadership of LACRALO. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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