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 I think this is right. Stay in front. Agreements with all other players are relevant. 
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 Dear Alberto, 

 Thank you. I support this motion. 


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 Dear, I've posted in the wiki, here the short link  https://goo.gl/d2OQ4l 
 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

 Dear, today period expires comments on this MOU. although no concrete proposals in general and as a synthesis, is cited as too prescriptive, and that the description of commitments should be minimal. But it also calls for increased commitments and further descriptions are made and impossible to fulfill obligations are generated. 
 There are comments that may not change the proposal as being too general, why we discard this proposal 
 But in general also, the main sense of this MOU is not understood: virtually the sole beneficiary is LACRALO, since it is not much that we can give to our RIR. But there is much that can give us. 
 I insist not give details, since in this very wiki are two examples of MOUs signed by NARALO and APRALO that are photocopies each other.
 And both RALOS are receiving benefits while we're asking us LACNIC is committed and that we must commit ourselves. Therefore on Monday at the monthly meeting, we discuss this, and during the weekend will place on this wiki a copy of these MOUs cited as a new document to approve, so we can move forward with something concrete, simple, it's not too description and a description of minimum commitments, mainly because it is tested and working. Monday will open to comments and coordinate the closing date. 
 Best regards. 
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