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 Subject:????? Q = iso-8859-1 Cuba 2C_era = = = FA 3A__ISOC_Rep 3A_RE = = = iso-8859-1 blica_Dominicana q =? 
 From: apisan at unam.mx

 Harold, Vanda, all / as, 

 not to mention that other organizations and activities has been very difficult to find truly independent organizations in countries such as the one now mentioned. Therefore I changed the "subject" of the message. The screen deberser particularly careful. 

 Alejandro Pisanty 

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 To: Vanda Scartezini; LACRALO 
 Subject: Re: [lac-discuss-en] ISOC Dominican Republic 

 Dear Vanda and Regin 

 Within the working group Outreach and Engagement Dev realizuna distribution of passes for each of us to find that we focus on possible initiatives to form ALS in those countries. 

 In my case I was assigned to Cuba. I sent email to a group of interested and now coordinarcon our president, Alberto, who travels the island with good results.

 It is this opportunity to call our regina share any information that could approach ams interest groups in Cuba. Please let us not hesitate to mention it if you know or have close contact to refer sb. 

 Thankful in advance for the effort and get active in the region of Outreach and Engagement Working -Outreach and Engagement-. 

 Harold Arcos 
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 12/08/2015 9:19 GMT-04: 30 Vanda Scartezini <vanda at scartezini.org<mailto:vanda at scartezini.org> &gt;: 
 I think having the Dominican Republic with us is very important. Now we find organizations that can participate in Cuba. 
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 To: Alejandro Pisanty 
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 Subject: Re: [lac-discuss-en] ISOC Dominican Republic 

 As expressed by Alexander, from ACUI we support the Accreditation of ISOC RD. 

 The 07/12/2015 20:41, &quot;Alejandro Pisanty&quot; <apisanty at gmail.com<mailto:apisanty at gmail.com> &gt; Wrote: 
 Alberto, all / as, 

 I just left the site recommended for the following expression to prove as soon as possible ISOC RD (Republic Domnicana) without hesitation or reservation a few: 

 RD ISOC is an organization which brings together specialists from various industries and sectors with varied experience and proven commitment to advancing the Internet. Its members are people known to be active at the regional level, not only national, from telecoms regulator, the government, the Internet industry, the technical community and civil society.Many Actan in multiple roles, most allde silos, serving society and the growth of the Internet. We have interacted with them for many years ascomo recently so vividly comprise its merits. LACRALO should not hesitate to recommend her Accreditation in the shortest time possible ms. 

 Alejandro Pisanty 

 12/07/2015 17:38 GMT-06: 00 Alberto Soto <asoto at ibero-americano.org<mailto:asoto at ibero-americano.org> &gt;: 
 Dear, we must give our regional council for certification of ISOC Dominican Republic. 
 There were timely comments for and supports the same, without any negative comment. Anyway, to adequately meet our standards, they have time to pour their views until the day December 14, 2015 at 2300 UTC. 
 That link: 


 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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