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 Subject: Events CROPP program 
 From: asoto at ibero-americano.org

 Dear, wanted to inform you of a project approved today 
 CROPP in the program. 

 It was proposed ALS Free Culture and Free Software from Ecuador to travs of 
 Diego Acosta Bastidas. Was carried out in Cuba between 18 and 23 May 
 2015. This is the link of the event: http://www.felti.org/ 

 Diego invited me to give a talk and acept, we will either asque 
 present. I was appointed as Key Note Speaker with the subject in Transition 
 Internet governance. 

 In addition, although an estoficialmente not confirmed due to our 
 presence, a panel made with intervention of several members 
 model of multiple stakeholders, with the subject, 
 Internet governance. 

 Today also we filed today in the CROPP program, an initiative of 
 ALS Internauta Venezuela, for the realization of an event in Nicaragua, 
 for the month of June. Ssi not arrive on time, but at least 

 We have not occupied all the possibilities we owed this year 
 budget that ends in June. 

 But we should work on this, particularly since late June 
 we will have a meeting with Rodrigo de la Parra and Rodrigo Saucedo. All 
 we are talking about projects for from July 2015 
 until June 2016. We will have five chances by CROPP program and two ms 
 within the same program, but provided by Global Stakeholder 
 Engagement (GSE) for coordination gestiny Rodrigo de la Parra and 
 Rodrigo Saucedo. 

 Best regards 

 Alberto Soto 

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