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 * Tenth Annual Symposium Giganet * 

 November 9, 2015 

 Joo Pessoa, Brazil 

 * Call for Papers * 

 Date maximum for sending the extended abstract: 

 April 15, 2015 

 Date maximum for sending the final paper: 

 September 15, 2015 

 On Monday November 9, 2015, the Global Internet Governance Academic 
 Network (GigaNet) celebrarsu tenth annual symposium in Joo Pessoa, 
 Brazil.As in the nine previous years, this event tendrlugar one day 
 before and in the same location you the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). 

 GigaNet is an international association of academics researchers 
 focused on the interdisciplinary field of Internet Governance. Was 
 founded in 2006 and is open to researchers from all over the 
 world contribute to local, regional and international debates 
 on Internet Governance. Further information on the activities and 
 GigaNet institutional structure can be found in 

 For the annual symposium of 2015, GigaNet estrecibiendo proposals 
 papers to be presented at the event in Joo Pessoa. The extent of 
 papers not estlimitado to ningn field of study or subject, always 
 it is relevant to the global Internet governance. Therefore, it 
 invited to submit abstracts on a wide range of topics Governance 
 Internet, including but not estlimitado to: 

 * Changes in the ecosystem of Internet Governance. 

 * Internet Governance 10 years after the WSIS (WSIS). 

 * Analysis, criticisms or support multistakeholder governance as 
 ideologao practice. 

 * The governance and legal implications of decentralized systems 
 as Bitcoin and 


 * Sustainable development and its relationship to Internet Governance 

 * Techniques, laws and policies for the cybersecurity initiatives and 
 impact on global Internet governance. 

 Conditions of acceptance of abstracts 

 Abstracts Bern contain between 800 and 1000 words, describe the 
 investigaciny main objectives of the metodolgicas bases 
 paper. Proposals may be submitted in English, I portuguso 
 Spanish. Those interested Bern also attach or send the link of a cv 
 abbreviated to include academics background, institutional affiliation and 
 a list of relevant publications.GigaNet encourages new and 
 young researchers to enven their jobs. All documents 
 Bern be loaded until April 15, 2015, at: 

 Selection and process Participation 

 GigaNet select abstracts and report authors to mid 
 May 2015. Final papers podrn be written and presented in 
 English, Spanish portuguso and must be delivered before 15 
 September 2015. The selected authors who have not sent their 
 complete at that time Sern paper removed from the program. The 
 GigaNet participation in the symposium is free. 

 Chart limits 

 April 15, 2015: End of reception of abstracts and 
 corresponding cvs. 

 May 15 2015: report GigaNet selected by authors 

 September 15, 2015: End of reception of papers. 

 November 9, 2015: Symposium GigaNet in Joo Pessoa, Brazil.


 Further details on the event can be found on the website of 


 Inquiries can be sent to the president of Comitdel program: 
 giganet2015 at easychair.org 

 * Fatima Cambronero * 

 Phone: +54 9351 5282 668 
 Skype: fatima.cambronero 

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