[lac-discuss-en] Teleconference LACRALO ELECCTIONS

silvia.vivanco at icann.org silvia.vivanco at icann.org
Thu Feb 20 00:45:33 UTC 2014

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 Subject: Teleconference LACRALO ELECCTIONS 
 From: silvia.vivanco at icann.org

 Dear candidates for President and Secretary LACRALO 

 We appreciate your participation in today's call. I invite you to use the main page for further discussion WIKI. 

 I've included the questions that arose in the chat in comments section of the WIKI. 

 The recording of the Sern reunin transcripciny placed in the WIKI as soon as possible. 


 Thank you very much for your active participation in this process of elections 

 Best Regards 


 Silvia Vivanco 
 Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs 
 Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 
 Telephone: + 1 (202) 570-7119 
 Fax: +1 (202) 789-0104 
 Cell / Mobile: +1 (202) 735-7011


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