[lac-discuss-en] Call for candidates for the LACRALO representative to ALAC from 2011-2013

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 00:52:47 UTC 2011

Dear All,

LACRALO has to elect a representative to serve on the the At Large
Advisory Committee (ALAC) for a term beginning at the end of the
October 2011 ICANN meeting to the 2013 ICANN's Annual General Meeting.

Sylvia Herlein Leite from Brazil has served as our ALAC representative
from 2009 to 2011 and cannot be re-elected for a second term as per
Rule 9 of our LACRALO Operating Principles

According to rule 8 of the LACRALO Operating Principles

* The selected representatives shall be a member of an accredited ALS; and
* Have his or her main place of residence in a country of the LACRALO
region; and
* Cannot be of the same nationality as the sitting regional ALAC
Representatives (this excludes candidates from Argentina and Jamaica)
; and
* Needs to understand and respect the Obligations and Responsibilities
of ALAC members (see https://community.icann.org/x/HoMi and

The deadline for the submission of nominations to serve on ALAC is
August 31 2011 and the nominees must accept their nominations by
September 2 2011.

A LACRALO teleconference call with the nominees may be held during the
week of  September 5 to September 9 2011. The intent of such a
teleconference call is for a cordial discussion by the candidates
answering questions from LACRALO, and what ICANN related issues facing
At-Large are important to the nominees.

Accepted nominees should prepare a letter of interest for this
conference call. This should be a brief biography, what you do and why
you are interested in serving
as the LACRALO representative to ALAC. Such letters of interest will
be posted to the LACRALO wiki.

After the teleconference, the vote to elect a ALAC representative from
the list of candidates will take place. At the beginning of the voting
period, each ALS in LACRALO is emailed specific instructions and a
website to go to submit their vote.

At the end of the voting period, the votes are tallied as per rule
12.9 of the RoP (each vote is weighted with a country coefficient),
and the results of the vote, including the votes cast and by which
voter are presented to all of LACRALO, as per rule 20 governing rule
12.4 .

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Kind Regards,

Dev Anand Teelucksingh
LACRALO Secretariat

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