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Dear Andrés and members of LACRALO these are the very good news. 
Congratulations to Arch and Dev by its excellent work and we will be kind 
to the mentioned meetings. 
The Colombian Association of Users of Internet in the 2011 participated 
actively and I want to emphasize the participation of AlexandraGonzalez, 
Geraldine Medina and Edwin Artega, that participated in the different ones 
activities and work groups, as much in English as in Spanish. This 
fundamentally to improve the communications and to deepen in 
participation of ACUI in Icann and Lacralo. 
Warm greeting. 
Antonio Medina 
The 10 of January of 2011 03:47, Andrés Piazza <andrespiazza at gmail.com>it wrote: 
> Considered, did not want to happen through stop that Sooknanan Arch participated > actively in the harmonization of the contributions to process a text. > Thanks for her! > > the same one was sent right before deadline, on the part of Dev to the Staff. > Nevertheless, I raised to the commentaries ours wiki > > https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ICANN+Strategic+Planning+Development+2011+-+Community+Workspace > > Quiero also to stop me by a second in one of the new developments that > we will implement for 2011, * the Subregional Teleconferencings. * Something > decided definitively in Cartagena, will be added already to the classic ones > Monthly Teleconferencings. We will have then: > > - a telecoferencia for Latin America, in Spanish. > - a teleconferencing for the Caribbean, in English. > - a plenary session, since we come doing from the beginnings of LACRALO. > > This last one will be the unique one in which determinationswill be able to be taken > officials, c!
 ontinue being main and the Agenda of the same ones therefore > will demonstrate. The objective of the other 2 is to improvethe capacity of the ALS > of > both subregions to increase the participation and to improveits quality. > > will obtain imput regional but finished, in his languages mother, and it will be fortified > inreach. > > Dev will be sending a survey in Doodle soon to go deep on this > subject and to decide the schedules the Teleconferencings. > > Of plus this saying that any member of LACRALO can participate in > all > the teleconferencings, if asi wishes it. > > Greetings, > > Andrés Piazza > President of LACRALO > > > > the 9 of January of 2011 23:31, Andrés Piazza <andrespiazza at gmail.com > &gt; wrote: > > &gt; Considered, > &gt; > &gt; I invite Them to see as it were left the Document that we have emitted, in English ( > &gt; official language for the periods of > &gt; public commentary) on the subject. > &gt; > &gt; > &gt; > https://docs.google.com/docum!
ey=CKzYtv4H# > &gt; > &gt; I have seen contributions of Dev (that in addition it contributed ordering the document), > &gt; Carlton, Sergio, Sylvia and Carlos. Also I supported some of > positions and > &gt; I wrote up some parts. > &gt; > &gt; Personally I am in agreement with as it were left the document. > &gt; > &gt; Greetings, > &gt; > &gt; Andrés > &gt; > &gt; the 9 of January of 2011 16:06, <admin at ttcsweb.org> it wrote: > &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; [ [ - - Translated text (in - &gt; is)--]] > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; Subject: Re: Commentaries on the strategic plan Sunday due the 9 of > &gt; &gt; January of 2011 of the sketch of ICANN's 2011-2014 > &gt; &gt; Of: admin at ttcsweb.org > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; Wanted All, > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; a reminder that its commentaries on the strategic plan of > sketch > &gt; &gt; ICANN > &gt; &gt; 2011-2014 must by UTC 2300 Sunday 9 of January of 2011. > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; a Google shared doc. for the commentaries of !
 LACRALÓs on > plan > &gt; &gt; strategic can be found in > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q1g8LvxKOKO1vyEVLHsJf2Cdme820oHUEOflsgz_jqc/edit?hl=en_GB&authkey=CKzYtv4H > &gt; &gt; Any person can vision and correct this document (you no > &gt; &gt; needs a Google > &gt; &gt; counts to correct). > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; and theEn-Grande Web site in > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ICANN+Strategic+Planning+Development+2011+-+Community+Workspace > &gt; &gt; has been bought up to date with the excellent presentations, recordings, > &gt; &gt; transcriptions > &gt; &gt; and the commentaries was related to the strategic plan delbosquejo of > &gt; &gt; ICANN's for 2011-2014 in > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > http://www.icann.org/en/strategic-plan/draft-strategic-plan-2011-2014-27nov10-en.pdf > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; Good Respect, > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; Revealing Anand Teelucksingh > &gt; &gt; Secretariat of LACRALO!
  > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; fri, 7 of January of 2011!
  in 1:36
, revealing Anand Teelucksingh > &gt; &gt; <admin at ttcsweb.org> it wrote: &gt; the space of En-Grande work of > &gt; &gt; community of the development of the operation leaves (planning) > strategic > &gt; &gt; 2011-2014 in &gt; > &gt; &gt; > https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/ICANN+Strategic+Planning+Development+2011+-+Community+Workspace&gt; > has been bought up to date with the excellent presentations, recordings, > &gt; &gt; transcriptions &gt; and commentaries related to &gt; strategic plan of > &gt; &gt; sketch of ICANN's for 2011-2014 in &gt; > &gt; &gt; > http://www.icann.org/en/strategic-plan/draft-strategic-plan-2011-2014-27nov10-en.pdf&gt; > &gt; despuÃ&copy;s of período público of the commentary in the gico plan&copy;estratà > &gt; &gt; of the sketch finishes to ignition &gt; 10 of January of 2011, ICANN analizarà > > &gt; &gt; commentaries, amends estratÃ&copy;gico &gt; the plan and puts under the plan > &gt; &gt; estratÃ&copy;gico to the card !
 of ICANN for aprobación. &gt; the plan > &gt; &gt; estratÃ&copy;gico adopted then serà used by ICANN stops > to develop &gt; > &gt; &gt; plan of operation and budget to obtain the goals ylas > priorities > &gt; &gt; of &gt; the plan estratÃ&copy;g! > &gt; &gt; ICO &gt; &gt; identifying goals and priorities (within the framework of ICANN's &gt; > plan > &gt; &gt; estratÃ&copy;gico of the sketch) that is important for LACRALO and En-Grande &gt; > is > &gt; &gt; crucial if we wished ICANN to the operational plans of support/develop > to &gt; > &gt; &gt; reaches these goals and priorities &gt; &gt; as you review the plan > &gt; &gt; estratÃ&copy;gico of the sketch, considers así then,: &gt; - there is nobody > work > &gt; &gt; of the community of the item (objective estratÃ&copy;gico, related, &gt; > projects > &gt; &gt; estratÃ&copy;gicos, work of the personnel of ICANN's) that lacks of the sketch > &gt; &gt;  &gt; gico plan&copy;estratà that must be including?!
  &gt;- it makes the items > &gt; &gt; específicos in the sk!
 etch tha
t the gico plan&copy;estratà requires the aid > like > &gt; &gt; Ã&copy;l &gt; is related to LACRALO and the users of the Interneten > &gt; &gt; American Latin and > &gt; &gt;  &gt; región of the Caribbean? &gt; &gt; commentaries given the welcome before > &gt; &gt; Sunday of January el9 of 2011, &gt; &gt; Good Respect, &gt; &gt; Revealing Anand > &gt; &gt; Teelucksingh &gt; Secretaría of LACRALO &gt; > &gt; &gt; _______________________________________________ > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; [ [ - - Original text (in) > &gt; &gt; http://mm.icann.org/transbot_archive/a099492c14.html > &gt; &gt; --]] > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; _______________________________________________ > &gt; &gt; lac-discuss-is mailing list > &gt; &gt; lac-discuss-es at atlarge-lists.icann.org > &gt; &gt; https://atlarge-lists.icann.org/mailman/listinfo/lac-discuss-is > &gt; &gt; > &gt; &gt; http://www.lacralo.org > &gt; &gt; > &gt; > &gt; > &gt; > !
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Antonio Medina Gomez 
Colombian association of Users of Internet. ACUI 
presidencia at acui.org.co 
amedinagomez at gmail.com 

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