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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Fri May 9 20:44:07 UTC 2014

Hello all,

ICANN Finance will be holding some webinars to go through the plan &
budget. Calendar invites were sent to the "community-finance" list. Did
you all receive the invites?
Kind regards,


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ICANN News Alert
ICANN <http://www.icann.org/>

    News Alert



    FY15 Operating Plan & Budget

8 May 2014

Period opens - 8 May
Period closes - 1 July
Please post your comments here
<mailto:comments-op-budget-fy15-08may14 at icann.org>
All submitted public comments can be viewed here

Categories/tags: Operations-Finance; ICANN Board/Bylaws

Purpose (brief): Join us in creating ICANN's annual operating plan and
budget for FY15, which describes planned activities for the year ahead
(from 1July 2014- 30 June 2015). These activities are based on ICANN's
strategic objectives, fiscal year priorities and community input. The
draft FY15 Operating Plan and Budget document will be posted for public
comment from 8 May – 1 July.

ICANN is seeking general feedback as well as feedback on the focus
areas, objectives, goals, portfolios, projects and budget allocations.
Your feedback is important to help ensure we have a clear roadmap for
the year ahead.

      Next steps:

ICANN will take into consideration the feedback received and respond as
necessary, before submitting the draft document for Board consideration.

      Draft documents:

  * Draft FY15 Operating Plan and Budget
    [PDF, 1.95 MB]- this document provides an overview of the FY15
    budget, and the Operating Plan consisting of descriptions for goals,
    objectives, portfolios and selected projects.
  * Draft FY15 Budget by portfolio and cost category [PDF
    and Excel
    use this document to view the breakdown of the categories of costs
    by portfolio.
  * Selected FY15 Projects by portfolio [PDF
    and Excel
    use this document to view a selection of projects that contribute to
    each portfolio.
  * FY15 SO/AC additional budget requests as approved by the Board [PDF
    and Excel

      Staff contact:

Xavier Calvez, CFO: controller at icann.org <mailto:controller at icann.org>

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