[EURO-Discuss] Call for Nominations for the election of the EURALO Board 2017-2019 - NOMINATIONS OPEN TODAY - through Nov 28

ICANN At-Large Staff staff at atlarge.icann.org
Wed Nov 22 01:26:44 UTC 2017

Message sent on behalf of EURALO's chair and Secretariat

Dear EURALO members,

The current EURALO Board term ends on 9 December 2017. As agreed on the November EURALO monthly call<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_x_IgdyB&d=DwMGaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=ds9md1zoepmwqw2nfk-Vs9ssxn1I3jPs97ekKkctEkM&m=osjV47HBG-wlc15NGNZ3tR-djuEGOfxHC5XAPlH44zw&s=7DtyUvunZ85WR05vfDGVzvcqPWQq-YhQXNt9aHnqJR4&e=>,  EURALO's Chair and Secretariat would like to announce a call for nominations to fill Board positions for the next 2 years ( 9 December 2017 - 9 December 2019). This call is made in accordance with the EURALO Articles of Association<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_display_EURALO_Articles-2Bof-2BAssociation&d=DwMFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=ds9md1zoepmwqw2nfk-Vs9ssxn1I3jPs97ekKkctEkM&m=uH6rhLVHXzz1YfhbIQlJ_-Iu_Wj1boE4MDzX1ExE9CQ&s=7PYZnQJ5oE1apiTu_vDrsAXxnwOHC_T5KA4ciTiaXU8&e=> and Selection and performance criteria for EURALO Board members 2015<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__community.icann.org_download_attachments_53777046_Performance-2Dcriteria-5FBoard-5FSecretariat.pdf-3Fversion-3D1-26modificationDate-3D1444426126000-26api-3Dv2&d=DwMFaQ&c=FmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM&r=ds9md1zoepmwqw2nfk-Vs9ssxn1I3jPs97ekKkctEkM&m=uH6rhLVHXzz1YfhbIQlJ_-Iu_Wj1boE4MDzX1ExE9CQ&s=CsKYExIOA6aUn5tQkz9Uixkgq6qlEDJF7Q9n-yVTvic&e=>. In addition, it should be mentioned that a recent discussion on the EURALO mailing list as well as the EURALO monthly call of 21 November 2017, made it quite clear that there was a need to for Board members as a whole to share responsibilities with the EURALO Chair and Secretariat in assuming the following topics:

1. Legal issues
2. Policy Development
3. Communication including leading the work on the EURALO website/WIKI/Facebook page.
4. Outreach with communities outside ICANN

Please note the rules and agreements applicable to this election at: http://atlarge-lists.icann.org/pipermail/euro-discuss/2015-November/004161.html. In accordance with these agreements, kindly note:

1. The size of the EURALO Board will be 5 members, plus ex-officio, the EURALO Chair and EURALO Secretary;
2. There should be a maximum limit of 1 Board member per country;
3. Each EURALO At-Large Structure will be given 5 votes that they will need to cast on 5 people;
4. As is the usual custom in votes involving people, votes will take place by secret ballot;
5. The Board will be selected for a two-years-term; and as a novelty: not performing Board members can be recalled after one year to allow to be replaced by better candidates.

The EURALO Board should be balanced but EURALO has not reached a consensus on having direct absolute criteria for geographical (East/Western Europe) or Gender criteria. As geographical and gender balance are important in our region, I ask you to consider these issues when making your selection.

Please submit your nominations and self-nominations starting today 21 November until 28 November 23:59 UTC  by sending an email to the EURALO mailing list and coping At - Large staff staff at atlarge.icann.org<mailto:staff at atlarge.icann.org> .  All candidates who accept their nominations by the deadline above must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). To read the Expression of Interest Statements from Board members please visit: https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/EURALO+Board+Election+process++2015

 The online vote will start on 29 November 2017 at 23:59 UTC  to 7 December 2017 at 23:59 UTC

At-Large Staff will note the nominations in the following Wiki:  https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/EURALO+Board+2017-2019+Workspace

Thank you for your active participation in this election process!

Kind Regards,

ICANN Policy Staff in support of the At-Large Community
E-mail: staff at atlarge.icann.org<applewebdata://932FA082-AAF3-456B-A040-A1DAA84DB45D/staff@atlarge.icann.org>
Website: atlarge.icann.org<applewebdata://932FA082-AAF3-456B-A040-A1DAA84DB45D/atlarge.icann.org>
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