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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Nov 16 00:50:20 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

as we are reaching another cycle of appointments, with a new EURALO
Board ( https://atlarge.icann.org/ralos/euralo ) needing to be selected
and seated by the end of year, I am following up on the thread below.
This is a public discussion between Jean-Jacques Subrenat and me,
regarding the consideration to assign specific responsibilities to
EURALO Board members.

I have passed this by the current (outgoing) EURALO Board and received
little response. Thus I am turning to you, the community that will
select the next EURALO Board, to define the positions of future EURALO
Board members.

At present, the following positions are suggested:

1. Legal Reference Point
2. Primary Contract point for ALSes (Inreach Lead)
3. Policy Development Lead
4. ?
5. ?

Suggestions welcome, ahead of next week's conference call, where we
shall be discussing this.
Kindest regards,


On 02/03/2017 18:46, Jean-Jacques Subrenat wrote:
> Dear EURALO Colleagues,
> below, please find an exchange of messages between Olivier
> Crépin-Leblond, Chair of EURALO, and myself. I appreciate Olivier’s
> quick reaction, the corrections he brought to my message (number of
> seats on EURALO Board), and his helpful comments.
> Best regards,
> Jean-Jacques.
> Le 2 mars 2017 à 18:23:09, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond (ocl at gih.com
> <mailto:ocl at gih.com>) a écrit:
>> Dear Jean-Jacques,
>> thank you for your follow-up. First, a quick correction to Silvia's
>> email address, as you appear to have it as no-reply at icann.org which
>> is when one updates WIKI pages. I have amended Silvia's address
>> accordingly.
>> Please find my comments interspersed in your text.
>> On 02/03/2017 17:49, Jean-Jacques Subrenat wrote:
>>> Dear Silvia & All,
>>> here is my contribution on the action item under reference.
>>> Currently, and unless I’m mistaken, the EURALO Board has 11 members.
>>> In the past twelve months, about a third of these members have
>>> intervened in EURALO monthly meetings (audio, chat or emails).
>> The EURALO Board actually has only 5 members:
>>  *
>>     Olawale (‘Wale) Shakiru BAKARE - United Kingdom
>>  *
>>      Yrjö Länsipuro - Finland
>>   * * *Eric Schweighofer - Austria
>>   *  Annette Mühlberg - Germany
>>   *  Matthieu Camus - France
>> All other "members" - ie. ALAC representatives, Secretary & EURALO
>> Chair are ex-officio.
>> Originally I asked each member of the EURALO Board to share with
>> others what they goals were during their tenancy. These are reflected
>> on https://community.icann.org/x/0QB1Aw . *I gather that these should
>> be updated since Mikhail Medrish and Jordi Iparraguire have been
>> replaced.*
>>> I suggest we consider the following:
>>> What are the essential functions the EURALO Board must undertake or
>>> uphold? Each item is followed by a recommendation.
>>> _1) Ensure conformity of EURALO procedure and actions with existing
>>> legal or structural obligations_ (ICANN, ALAC and EURALO By-laws,
>>> Rules of procedure, Accepted standards in meetings, etc.). This
>>> applies, but is not limited to: membership, quorum, elections, rough
>>> consensus.
>>> *Recommendation 1*: a Board member with experience in these areas,
>>> and perhaps with a legal background, should be appointed as the
>>> « Legal reference point ».
>> Excellent idea.
>>> _2) Consolidate relations with ALAC and other parts of ICANN_. As in
>>> most ACs and SOs, the Chair of EURALO does this, and does it well
>>> (good visibility, good inter-personal skills, deep knowledge of the
>>> issues).
>>> *Recommendation 2*: no change.
>> I would like to see our ALAC members take an extra care in fostering
>> the link between ALAC and EURALO. They are our ambassadors on the
>> ALAC. I would also like to see them take a leadership role on the
>> ALAC, like Chairing a working group. As for the EURALO Board members,
>> ideally they could chair a EURALO working group.
>>> _3) Enhance cooperation between EURALO and its ALSs_. Over the
>>> years, this function has been carried out mainly by the Chair and/or
>>> Secretary. But with the gradual growth in the number of ALSs, this
>>> now requires a dedicated approach. Among other areas where
>>> cooperation would be appreciated: help in launching ALS surveys,
>>> help in participating in ICANN events, travel and accommodation
>>> support, etc.
>>> *Recommendation 3*: designate a Board member who, with the help of
>>> Support Staff, would be the prime contact point for all EURALO ALSs.
>> Would this be an "inreach" officer? I would really support this too.
>>> _4) Consolidate EURALO contributions to ALAC and ICANN policy
>>> development_. 
>>> One of the current tasks is the appraisal of the At-Large Review:
>>> because of its complexity, but even more because of the implications
>>> of some of the recommendations in that Review, it is necessary to
>>> make sure that contributions are made on time, and that they are
>>> relevant.
>>> *Recommendation 4*: designate a Board member who is familiar with
>>> Policy development in the ICANN ecosystem, and who has a track
>>> record of making trains depart and arrive on time, at the right station.
>> Excellent.
>>> I hope this is useful.
>> This is **very** useful.
>>> Dear Silvia,
>>> if Olivier agrees, may I suggest that you send this out to the
>>> EURALO list? Thank you.
>> Please do so. Jean-Jacques, please email the EURALO list yourself, so
>> we can follow-up directly.
>> Kindest regards
>> Olivier
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