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Mon Jun 1 14:30:13 UTC 2015

Dear colleagues,
Alan Greenberg, the Chair of ALAC, has published this morning the
following proposed comments for the ccwg-accountability.

Please find  attached also (and at the end of this exchange) what I will
publish as comments to the proposed comments ;).
I can¹t wait for your inputs (but they are welcome) as the time frame is
very short.

And I will be tomorrow at FGI-France for the whole day and then travelling
to Sofia for Eurodig.

Please read also the AFRALO comments.

All the best
Sébastien Bachollet
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Le 01/06/2015 07:40, « Alan Greenberg » <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca> a écrit

>The first draft of the ALAC comments is posted at
>https://community.icann.org/x/koU0Aw. A copy is also attached to this
>e-mail. It needs to be read along with the overall proposal
>The final version must be submitted on Wednesday, 03 June by 23:59 UTC.
>Although the comment covers a lot of areas, I believe that it
>faithfully reflects (on the whole) what has been contributed on our
>many teleconferences on the subject).
>Please post comments and suggestions here using line numbers to
>identify target text.
>Note that at the start I was inserting the explicit questions asked
>by the report but found they added little value to the comments
>already inserted. I will remove these Blue questions in the next version.
>Iana-issues mailing list
>Iana-issues at atlarge-lists.icann.org

Thanks Alan for this first draft.
I would like to provide few comments on
this proposal.
Line 32
³the ALAC believes that fostering trust in the DNS² can we add the other
identifiers that ICANN take are of?
Line 84: 
I have significant
concerns about removing one board member or the whole board.
I know that for a lot of people it seems to be the best weapon to have the
board acting as the community (not yet completely defined) would like.
Lines 153 and
Section 5.5
Power: Removing individual ICANN Directors
The Board members
are currently elected/selected for 3 years.
A quote from the actual
Directors shall serve as individuals who have the duty to act in
what they reasonably believe are the best interests of ICANN and not as
representatives of the entity
that selected them, their employers, or any other organizations or
If the ³the
members of the group believe that the person (appointed as Director) shares
common values with the group² at the moment of the selection/election
I am sure it can be the case for 3 years.
individual ICANN Director is in contradiction with its independency.
Lines 197 and 198
If this is the way
to go to remove Nomcom appointees the members of a ³sub-committee of the
appointed to carry out NomCom-appointed Director removals² must not be
to the Board for one year after the end of there term.
Lines 199 and
Power: Recalling the entire ICANN Board[1]
Five Board members
are currently elected/selected each year for 3 years.
Recalling the
entire ICANN Board must not be supported. It will create more disruption
to the
whole organization than it will solve the issue(s) under discussion.
Some participants call this possibility the ³nuclear option². The result
be the end of ICANN.
If it could be the
goal of some, it can¹t be ours.
publish one hour ago there comments, I would like to express my support.

[1] 5.6 Power: Recalling the entire ICANN Board: he ALAC
supports this mechanismŠ
Must be  5.6 Power: Recalling the
entire ICANN Board: the ALAC supports this mechanism


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