[EURO-Discuss] R: Trip to Caucasus - conclusions and recommendations

Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 15 11:34:46 UTC 2013

I think I agree with Manuel.
I don't know the details, so if we have the discussion going I need to
understand what you are talking about.
I believe that the IDNs are an essential part of the ICANN strategy, and we
need to make it a success story.
How about to start a new conversation, with an appropriate subject line?

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> Good morning Oksana,
> maybe I am wrong, so please correct me if I am, but I thought that this
> here (EURALO) is about giving feedback and opinions of "the public" to
> ICANN policies and processes.
> So with that in mind I think we could and should discuss the issues you
> outlinining here.
> That would require you to go more into details - right now, there is
nothing to
> talk about because the whole discussion consists of mentioning issues and
> talking between the lines.
> You could you clarify what the problems are, where they are and maybe
> even what we could do about it or at least what you would expect ICANN or
> others to do.
> Then we can continue this discussion, understand what your problems are
> and maybe even make a difference.
> Regards,
> Manuel
> Am 15.07.2013 07:24, schrieb EMP:
> > Veni, I do not see any sense to continue discussion in this way. If
> > you don't see any problems with Cyrillyc (may be not only Cyrillic,
> > but at
> > least) IDNs - I am happy for you.
> > If anyone sees any problems - I have some explanations. Maybe they are
> > wrong. I will highly appreciate any other points of view. I know a lot
> > about a lot of processes in Ukraine. And I have no even minimal trust
> > into them.
> > It would be great to say, that the more I know about ICANN process,
> > the more I trust it in. At this moment I can't say it.
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