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Dear Manuel,

Thank you very much for the work you have done cleaning up the EURALO WIKI pages!.  The WIKIs are a great tool, but we must keep it updated and do some periodic cleanup. As a general rule, we (staff) do not delete any pages, unless they are a duplicate or no longer needed, but we rather archive them. Older archives contain may contain relevant information such as past officers, background information on past WGs, etc.

We would like to ask you and all the EURALO members to please be so kind to work with staff when using/updating/moving the wikis, and let us know the changes you are planning to do, so we can continue monitoring the most relevant spaces and we can assist members finding information when this is needed. 

Kind regards,


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Dear Manuel and all,

first of all: THANKS for your inputs and tremendous work you invested in and post Lisbon what is MUCH appreciated.

Just some explanatory words on the links you provided below:

On the first one: Procedure: How to deal with inactive ALSes This is an outcome and working paper from long discussions we had during inter-RALO meetings over the last years and how to deal with this issue. I always rejected the notion of "inactive ALSes" because most of our member ALSes are quite *active* on their local or national ground, even if not participating much on the EURALO or ALAC level. Therefore, I prefer the term "not responding" ALSes what describes the situation or problem much better. And indeed, we have a small number of such ALSes which did not respond to anything (consultations, voting, GA invitations since Paris 2008 and the like) over years and it makes no sense to keep such members listed. So far, there were no further practical steps taken into this direction what could lead to a decertification by ALAC.

On the second one on "Strategy 2009 - 11 This was a mandate from the F2F GA in March 2009 in Mexico-City (inline with the first At-Large Summit) when I drafted such a strategic outline for EURALO. This was circulated on the list afterwards (without much response) and included on the Workspace as a "working paper". As we had no more F2F GA meetings after Mexico and until Lisbon recently, it was never "officially" approved by the members or the Board. But it could serve as an input for the Board and related discussions now -- but it would need some updates and "refreshments" ;-)

There was quite some work done over the last years and the Wiki became a sort of "file box" for it (but not completed any more the last two years) and hardly used as a main working instrument. Therefore, any cleaning up and better structuring etc. is a great job and big step ahead what makes our all efforts much easier ...

Thanks again and kind regards,

Manuel Schneider wrote Fri, 28 Jun 2013 14:43:
>Dear all,
>yesterday we discussed that I will clean up our workspace a little bit.
>While this is mailinglist is our analogy of the phone, meeting room and 
>pantry (communications), the Wiki is our fileserver, desk and shelf 
>(workplace and storage).
>I have started creating areas in our Wiki to make it easier to find 
>stuff. Now I am working through old content to clean up, rename, move 
>to the right places.
>There are a lot of interesting things to be found on the Wiki!
>---> Has that ever been voted on?
>* https://community.icann.org/display/EURALO/Strategy+2009-2011
>...and a lot more!
>My goal is to get rid of the "European Regional At-Large Organization 
>(EURALO)" sub-page which was the top page for everything else in an 
>otherwise empty workspace.
>That way I am also introducing new templates and get rid of most of the 
>subpages which make it so hard to find content. Also most of that 
>content is redundant - we have action items in the minutes as well as 
>an extra page, we have attachments spread all over the wiki, I found 
>six versions of the Memorandum of Understanding and three times the Bylaws.
>This has now been cleaned up, older minutes will follow.
>At staff: Could you help me to set up new workspace templates? The 
>workspace administrator can do that.
>Copying old pages to create new ones is copying also all the 
>attachments. The current meeting page has 29 attachments from several 
>years! A template could do this much easier.
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