[EURO-Discuss] CROPP - 5 trips for each RALO before 30 June 2014

Oksana Prykhodko sana.pryhod at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 22:19:39 UTC 2013

Dear all,

I would like to share with you the results of yesterday's briefing on
CROPP, organized by Olivier and Dev.

According to this pilot project, each RALO has possibility to apply for 5
individual trips for regional events (travel expenses, 3 days/2 nights per
trip, per diem) for ICANN outreach purposes.



That is why I propose to pick up the most important European regional IG
events in the first half of 2014 year, and to call for expression of
interest to participate in it.

Of course first of all it's EuroDIG. Sandra, Wolf - could you please let us
know asap who from EURALO will be supported from other sources of financing
to participate in EuroDIG?

And who else is interested to participate in it?

One more regional IG event will be ENOG 7 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting in
Moscow (26-27 May).


As far as I understand, it will be no conflict of interests, if I, as a
member of CROPP, will also apply for such trip (I would be extremely happy
to receive travel support for EuroDIG, and I hope to receive EURALO
approval for this my application).

Christopher, what about Digital Agenda for Europe?

Such applications have to be submitted 8 weeks before the event, and have
to be approved by RALO.


Please send us your expression of interest and information about other
European IG events asap.

Best regards,

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