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FYI  -- hope to welcome many of you at our monthly call this evening.

Best, Wolf

Rebecca MacKinnon wrote Sun, 18 Sep 2011 16:52:
>Dear colleagues and friends,
>On Thursday I launched a new section on the Global Voices Advocacy website
>called “The Netizen Report”: An overview of recent global developments
>related to the power dynamics between citizens, companies and governments on
>the Internet.  I hope that these regular (probably quasi-weekly) reports can
>provide netizens around the world with useful information about who is
>seeking to influence and shape the digital platforms and networks we
>increasingly depend upon, and how. Armed with information, we are in a
>better position to defend our rights, and to make sure the Internet evolves
>in a manner that is compatible with free expression and dissent.
>You can read the inaugural post here:
>The format and content of the report will evolve over the coming months
>based on reader feedback and author experimentation. Your comments and
>criticisms are welcome. Within the coming week or so I hope to set up an
>email subscription system for these posts. Meanwhile those familiar with RSS
>feeds can subscribe immediately via this page:
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