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Rudi Vansnick rudi.vansnick at isoc.be
Fri Sep 9 16:57:56 UTC 2011

Dear colleagues,

In the ISOC September newsletter you may have seen our message "Creating a path to Single Digital Community in Europe". For those ALSes not being an ISOC chapter the message below will give some clarification. The url of the project website can be found at : http://www.eid-ssedic.eu/

> Original message from the newsletter :
> Members and Chapters - if you live in Europe, The Internet Society Belgium Chapter needs you to take part in a critical survey on Single European Digital Identity.
> "We'll need colleagues in Chapter offices to participate in this survey as national or regional experts," says Rudi Vansnick, President of the Internet Society Belgium Chapter. "As experts, they'll also receive the results of the survey."
> Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community (SSEDIC) is a thematic network for the EC's Digital Agenda for Europe.  
> The Internet Society Belgium Chapter is a key partner in the network and has been working to help further its mission of uniting the EU in a flourishing digital economy by 2020, outlining policies and actions to maximise the benefits for all Member States.
> Today, many barriers still affect the vision of a Single Digital Community in the EU. The interoperability challenges faced by national eIDs - the way citizens, government and businesses can identify themselves securely online - means that access to many EU public services, markets and other transactions are not possible between Member States, forcing people to look outside the EU. 

We have finalised the registration form so you can from today on register for participation in this very interesting project on Single European Digital Identity. Aside the project itself, we will extend the survey to a more global approach on Single Digital Identity, which will allow us to compare the European vision to the global World vision.

The registration form is available at :

or the short one : http://is.gd/PxlMRu

We welcome all of you in this project.

Kind regards,

Rudi Vansnick
President - CEO
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